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2023 UIL football state championship predictions

The UIL football State championship tournaments are coming soon in Texas and so far, the excitement is boiling up among all the best high schools’ athletes. There are also forecasts from experts and enthusiasts as to which teams are going to win in the categories increasing suspense.

Here's a breakdown of the predictions for the 2023 UIL football state championships:

Class 6A DII:

  • DeSoto vs. Humble Summer Creek: In this game, we have two teams that are unbeaten. Desoto is equipped with a dominant attack which relies on the skills of quarterback, Zebediah Jonhson and runner, Isaiah Davis. On this, Summer Creek retaliates with a tough defense while maintaining its balance on offensive. On the third issue experts differ. However, majority argue that Desot’s offence is key.

Prediction: Humble Summer Creek 28, DeSoto 34

Class 6A DI:

  • Southlake Carroll vs. Cibolo Steele: After experiencing a disheartening loss in 2022, Southlake Carroll aspires to regain their previous glory. With its powerful running game and tight defence, Cibolo Steele is not a picnic for anyone. However, Southlake Carroll needs to limit the rushing game of Steele and take advantage of the porous defensive backfield of the rivalry team.


Class 5A DII:

  • Bellville vs. Wimberley: This season has been a walkover for Bellville which has a solid attacking unit and a very strong defensive team. The talent Wimberley has is comprised of players who are familiar with playing the state championship games. Notwithstanding, it is impossible to overlook Bellville’s overall strength and consistency.

Prediction: Bellville 42, Wimberley 21

Class 5A DI:

  • Marlin vs. Carthage: Their rivalry dates back and is now legendary. Marlin’s offense ranks among the best in the league and is guided by talented quarterback JaTavious Jackson. Carthage’s well-balanced attack is complemented by its strong defense. It is certain that this will a tight affair as it often happens in such high pressure games where teams take advantage of particular opportunities.

Prediction: Marlin 28, Carthage 24

Class 4A DII:

  • Giddings vs. Celina: They have a highly offensive ground attack as well as a great defensive line. Celina has an efficient passing power and opportunitative defense. It is going to be a case of grit vs. guile in which side imposes their style of playing shall determine the eventual winner.

Prediction: Giddings 31, Celina 27

Class 4A DI:

  • West Orange-Stark vs. Port Lavaca Calhoun: A sturdy defense backed up with their dynamic running back duo.imeq;. Their defense is opportunistic, while their offense is well-balanced. It will also be an exciting match, depending on the number of defensive stops that are made in the given time.

Prediction: Port.Lavaca Calhoun 35, West.Orange Stark 42

Class 3A DII:

  • Refugio vs. Bremond: The dominating running game and defence of Refugio make it an unstoppable team. Bremond uses a balanced offense and opportunistic defense in equal measure. The contest in this game will involve power against skill and what eventually determines it is who can express his style in the match.

Prediction: Refugio 35, Bremond 21

Class 3A DI:

  • Shiner vs. Carthage: There is rivalry between these two historical programs since they have been competing for many years. The offense is highly scoring with quarterback JaTavious Jackson leading for Shiner. Carthage fields an equally strong attack force and a solid defense. It could turn out to be very narrow with teams taking advantage of chances.

Prediction: Shiner 28, Carthage 24

However, any thing may occur in the pitch. These perspectives may indicate likely face-offs as well as narratives of upcoming UIL football state finals of 2023.

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