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3 LSU Tigers Clawed Their Way to First Round in Latest ESPN 2024 NFL Mock Draft

Three of the LSU Tiger’s players are expected to go as early picks in 2024 NFL draft. Matt Miller of ESPN’s newest mock draft shows some pleasant information for Tiger’s followers.

The top recruits in the class included offensive stars Jayden Daniels, Malik Nabers, and Brian Thomas Jr., who were all predicted to go first round. This is the first time that LSU has had this many players picked in the first round since 2020.

Jayden Daniels should be the twelfth pick for Seattle Seahawks quarterback. Daniels has been an important playmaker for the tigers, helping them record ten wins in the 2023 season. He achieved more than 3, 500 yards of throw and 30 touchdowns against just 10 interceptions. Daniels himself ran five hundred yard with ten touchdowns.

Green Bay Packers will draft wide receiver Malik Nabers as a 16th overall pick. Naber is a big play threat of great speed in a route running ability. In 2023, he made 75 receptions worth of 1,200 yards and fifteen touchdowns. Nabers is expected to be one of the first picks and may play a huge role in the Packers’ offense this fall.

It is likely that Buffalo Bills will take offensive tackle Brian Thomas Jr at pick number 23. Thomas is an aggressive type blocker, and he would play as a starting blocker since day 1 in the NFL. His versatility allows him to be either at tackles. Thomas plays an important role on the LSU’s offensive, and he has a high probability of being chosen as one of the top players.

Mock drafts ahead of the 2024 NFL Draft have already indicated there could be significant representation from LSU in the first round. It would be another significant milestone achieved by the LSU program if all of these three players were picked in the first round.

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