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84 North Park student-athletes named to 2023 CCIW Dave Wrath Fall Academic All-Conference Team

The College Conference of Illinois & Wisconsin named its 2023 Fall Dave Wrath Academic All-Conference picks on Friday morning. North Park accounted for 84 student-athletes on the list, led by Jack Swartz awardees in women’s volleyball - senior setter and men’s soccer - junior midfielder Christina Gatta and William de Carro respectively.

The Dave Wrath Academic All-Conference lists only the candidates who acquired an overall GPA of 3.3 or more and who also have served at least one academic year in their respective schools.

The Dave Wrath Academic All Conference award is named after the former Augustana College athletics director. Retired in June of 2021 as the Associate Athletic Director for Media and Alumni Relations having served the Vikings for forty years. Besides his Augustana positions, Wrath was the CCIW Sports Information Director from 1996 to 2005, and helped start the Academic All-Conference program in 2005.

Besides, the CCIW listed all the Jack Swartz Academic All-Conference award winners. Each CCIW member university names two sport participants (one-men’s athletic representative and the other one – women’s athlete) from each of the three sports seasons (winter, fall, spring) to be the members of Jack Swartz Academic All Conference. For one to be eligible, he/she should be having a grade point average of 3.50 and above and should have been in residence for at least one year in the particular institution.

The Jack Swartz Academic All-Conference award takes its name from the former Director of the Athletic Program at Wheaton College and the CCIW Commissioner. Swartz served as Athletic Director from 1975-1982 and CCIW Commissioner from 1987 until his passing on July 11, 1997.

A complete list of North Park's academic all-conference awardees are listed below:

Men's Cross Country

  1. Daniel Blatt

  2. Michael Kleiner

Women's Cross Country

  1. Emma Klein

  2. Ellie Parker

  3. Erika Ver Beek

  4. Sofia Volkmann


  1. Carson Blatchford

  2. Mo Carter

  3. Alex Casas

  4. Isaac Chandler

  5. Josh De Luca

  6. Matt Eck

  7. Justen Green

  8. Reid Huseman

  9. DJ Jelin

  10. Joseph Kalas

  11. Cade McKinstry

  12. Johnathon Miller

  13. Jereme Ombogo

  14. Will Porter

  15. Mason Wilson

  16. Cole Woodward

  17. David Wortham

Women's Golf

  • Aly Lichter

Men's Soccer

  1. Daniel Baker

  2. Jostein Blindheim

  3. Love Brandt

  4. Miles Burkholder

  5. William De Carro

  6. Michal Dejworek

  7. Adam Hamad

  8. Teo Helm

  9. Glen McGowean

  10. Dawid Molek

  11. Hugo Neborg

  12. Gio Resendez

  13. Oskar Rydberg

  14. Alfred Swärd

  15. Tore Tveit

  16. Christian Vaaland

  17. Rocco Wallin

  18. Jakob Wennerqvist

Women's Soccer

  1. Stella Alvstad

  2. Agnes Bäck

  3. Abigail Balmaseda

  4. Lina Bogg

  5. Angelica Børkeeiet

  6. Danielle Boudakh

  7. Nicole Boudakh

  8. Aila Durakovic

  9. Olivia Eriksson

  10. Lisa Gustafsson

  11. Märta Hultgaardh

  12. Campbelle Hunt

  13. Emily LaSalle

  14. Arianna Lopez

  15. Linn Nordqvist

  16. Alexia Posada

  17. Lindsey Sheldon

  18. Sofie Swedberg

  19. Anna Tegnhed

  20. Philemina Toca

  21. Morgan Wehseler

  22. Ella Zaar

Women's Tennis

  1. Jiliyn Boles

  2. Carla Cazes

  3. Ella Darrow

  4. Olivia De Luca

  5. Maddie Starr

  6. Kate Vinson

  7. Hanna Zethraeus

Women's Volleyball

  1. Teiya Alagar

  2. Abby Ames

  3. Stefania Balestra

  4. Debbie Dinkel

  5. Christina Gatta

  6. Emi Heinz

  7. Rhianna Huebner

  8. Jenna Jones

  9. Zoe Lorica

  10. Delaney Lynch

  11. SaeAuna Reynolds

  12. Adriana Rodriguez

  13. Annaliese Rottman

  14. Kyla Wooden

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