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Alabama Super 7 High School Football Championships moving from Alabama, Auburn stadiums

Earlier today, the AHSA president and the AHSAA Executive Council stated they have taken Bryant-Denny Stadium, Tuscaloosa, AL home of University of Alabama out of the rooster for hosting the Super 7 High School Football Championships for the 2010-2011 through 2012-2013 seasons, relegating the stadium to the number three slot in the host list, while the No. 1 and No 2

The association reveals why in this news release:The association reveals why in this news release:

The action was unavoidable in light of an emerging new expanded College Football Playoff plan, which if implemented would likely see both these schools hosting playoff games in the process of which they would clash with the AHSAA’s annual Super 7 football championships.

Opelika Tourism director Scott Beaman said, “We are thankful for the commitment and support of the cities of Tuscaloosa, Auburn, and Opelika, both of the universities, Tuscaloosa Tourism and Sports and for the partnership with the AU and the UA since the beginning of the rotation in the year 2009. ” “The memories and the experiences given to the member schools, the teams and their students and the communities have been immeasurable Through our championships and playoffs, there have been memorable moments for those schools, the teams, students and the communities but in the future there will be controversies which are attached on the expanded CFA playoff system and format.

This will include Birmingham, and the Protective Stadium that is set to host the Super 7 Championships in December and other options in the host rotation of the AHSAA Super 7 Championships, according to Briggs.

Both sides have expressed their concerns over the loss of rotation involving the three entities.

Auburn Mayor Ron Anders, Opelika Mayor Gary Fuller and Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox stated that their cities have embraced hosting the Super 7 Championships and that they comprehend the benefits the games have offered to their respective cities and the endeavors given to the state’s high school students, their schools and communities also assigned the opportunity to provide the lifetime memories and experiences.

“It has been my great pleasure and privilege to host the Super 7 for the City of Auburn,” Anders added, “The Super 7 has been what many young students in Alabama might look forward to in a lifetime event. This professionalism that those who normally attend any other local athletic event, conference, show, or family gathering has come to expect has not been lacking in our hosting the Super 7. On a personal level, the community has offered their

‘Our city welcomed the opportunity to host the super 7 championships,’ Maddox stated.

“Tuscaloosa has been honored to be host to many Alabama High School Athletic Association Super 7 State Football Championships since 2009, enabling many athletes, coaches, family members and fans to witness a great football moment,” Maddox said. “Due to our direct participation in the College Football Playoffs which will expand in the future, we won’t be able to host Tesscaloosa and Auburn anymore; however, we are happy to work with AHSAA, and we hope that the event will continue to grow in other cities in Alabama.

Fuller added that his city was delighted to be among those that helped deliver such joy to those student-athletes, their schools, and the communities at large.

“Opelika is proud to have been part of the Super 7 for several years, it is public school strength ,” stated Fuller. “The experiences are priceless such as the athletes, band members, students, cheerleaders as well as fans of the team all got to be under the big lights within a grandiose stadium and it is something that more than one episode in our throughout life histories. The team is hopeful for the chance to return within the Jordan. Hare Stadium (More Super 7).

“As the organizations with Tuscaloosa Tourism and Sports and Auburn-Opelika Tourism since 2009, we can truly say that no effort and no human resources were left unutilized to make this event an enjoyable one for all the participants and spectators,” stated Kelsey Rush, president, and CEO, Tuscaloosa Tourism. “I’ve also had the privilege of helping to coordinate this event from the beginning to the end with the support of those members already highlighted above. ”

Thus, while speaking about the Super 7 event, Anders, Maddox and Fuller pointed out that it has been a combination of many factors – and with many parties that have joined hands.

“And finally, I would like to acknowledge Auburn University for permitting this event’s blending with the campus ambience during typical school working days,” Anders added. This paragraph should especially be grateful to Auburn University’s Athletic Department for their continued support for the partnership and their 100% compliance to the goal of delivering a ‘Game Day Experience’ for each of the Super 7 games. To Jeremy Roberts and his team at Auburn Athletics, this special thank you – They made each championship game feel like a Saturday in Jordan-Hare. Moreover, thanks go to Eric Kleypas and his crew for offers and preparing a super 7 floor to play on.

“Thanks to Tiger Transit as we ferried thousands of visitors in and around campus as AU students returned for their last week of classes And in a tradition that is unique to Auburn- a huge thank you to the AU Raptor Center for the eagle flight prior to every championship game. ”

Anders also had words of appreciation to the police officers on the ground.

“No activity of this scale can ever be successful without the backing and support of local law enforcement. ” Anders mentioned , “The Auburn Police Department was present from the time the first team came into the stadium until the last light was shut off on the Jordan-Hare scoreboard. In any other area away from the stadium, APD controlled the traffic and ensured that they provided a police escort for each of the teams as they moved around the campus and into the Jordan-Hare stadium. We should thank those who serve in our safety in different ways every day, starting with policemen and firefighters and ending up with soldiers. You are the best!

In each of the host communities, volunteers who managed the event were very passionate, ensuring that all schools got the best experience possible.

Anders added: “We also would like to extend a special “thank you” to our volunteers who provided energy in an effort to the Super 7. ” “They participated as the team hosts and the cheerleaders, and they were also the band hosts They were the Tiger Walk coordinators for Super 7 walks and the equipment handlers; they also provided meals to the groups who were actively engaged in an event; they were the public announcers and the press box ushers, the sideline and locker room crews; in truth, the objective was assigned, and they were always prepared to do their part. ”

The leaders in the cities therefore explained that having their teams involved in the Super 7 Championships was informative in as much as it exposed the AHSAA education based athletic experience.

“The Super 7 shows Alabamians what’s best for our state,” Anders said. “Talented youth, dedicated coaches, outstanding administrators and hardworking families and faith in a stronger central Alabama and better recognition of the greatness that is in the State of Alabama … ‘It was a great pleasure to be your host organizing this celebration of the best that lies ahead of Super 7. ’

Briggs then made positive remarks acknowledging that the AHSAA is grateful for its Super 7 partners. On this page, I am truly grateful to have two of the nations biggest rivals lend their efforts and cities to provide the opportunity of a lifelong dream for our member schools.

“Where thanks to the cooperation of such rivals we were able to achieve in our championships what has been envied in other states and, in general, kindles a wonderful example for all of us.

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