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Amari Cooper Shatters Cleveland Browns’ Single-Game Receiving Yards Record, Boosting Playoffs Hopes with Joe Flacco

In my opinion, Amari Copper had the most significant game of his career as he caught 11 balls and made 265 yards with 2 touchdowns. While doing this, he has become the record holder of having the most single-game receiving yards in Cleveland Browns history.

This was also his fourth game in which he had more than 200 yards, and only two players in NFL history have done this more often than him. Those players, Calvin Johnson and Lance Alworth, have had five such games and they both belong in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. I would say that Cooper has been consistently great throughout his nine-year career, as he has had seven seasons with a thousand plus yardage, eight seasons with hundred or more catches, and he scored a touchdown by at least every season.

He got the highest number of yards ever in just three games, although this is his ninth season. Why? In my opinion, Baker Mayfield and Joe Flacco have a great chemistry which has helped Baker Mayfield improve his game. As a result, the Browns are now performing better.

In a year with injuries and a revolving door at QB, Cooper has stepped up having 100-yard games with three different QBs: Deshaun Watson, PJ Walker, and Joe Flacco are three different quarterbacks in the NFL. Well, after Watson’s final match against Baltimore, things didn’t seem that great for the talented WR. Over the following three weeks, he only managed to catch 9 out of 19 targets with a total of less than 90 yards and no touchdowns at all. The Braves lost many games due to the several QBs who played and got injured.

The chemistry between Flacco and Cooper started shaping up in their second game together. In the last minute of the first quarter, Flacco made a pass to Cooper that resulted in a 17-yard gain. Cooper has had three great games performance wise, catching 22 balls in total and reaching a total of 451 yards with three touchdowns.

I think his performance with Flacco in the last four games was amazing, especially since he was so efficient. This statistic shows that his performance has improved by roughly 30 percent from his previous games. It's amazing that Cooper's passer rating has increased so significantly in the past four games. Compared to his performance previously, this is a huge leap. It's crazy to think that even his worst games are still better than others.'

Moving forward, the Browns with a win on Thursday are likely to secure playoff berths only for the third time since their return to Cleveland in 1999. Although we lost some of our best players this season, it's thanks to Odell that our team was still able to succeed.

Cooper still has two games left in the season, but with the stats he has now, it looks like he'll surpass his previous career-highs in catches and touchdowns. We know that the Browns quarterback-wide receiver pair is very deadly and in form just as we head into the playoffs.

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