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Bay Area high school football CIF NorCal championships, 2023

On December 2nd 2023 the CIF Northern California regional football championships came to an end, wrapping up what had been a thrilling year that saw some amazing games and performances. For the second year in a row, high school football teams of the Bay area displayed strength, courage, and sheer love of football.

A Region of Football Excellence

The Bay Area is well known for having produced most top NFL players that make it in every fan’s mind and heart. As usual, Bay Area teams showed their superiority at this year’s CIF Norcal championships by winning important games and writing new pages into the history books of Bay Area football.

Acalanes: The Underdog's Tale

An underdog team in Division 3-AA, Acalanes High School snatched the Division 3-AA championship title despite challenging circumstances it faced during the entire season. The players displayed an enormous amount of resilience in defeating Escalan High School by a margin of 35 points.

De La Salle: A Legacy of Dominance

The Division 1-AA championship was clinched once again by De La Salle High School, a team recognized as having a long and proud football heritage. De La Salle put up a tough fight against Clovis North High and emerged victorious by score of 41-0, proving itself to be one of the strongest teams in the Bay Area.

Grant: To be reckoned with.

Division 2-AA championship was won by Grant High School that has a reputation as a hard-nose defence and high offensive team. Grant defeated Rocklin High School by the score of 41-14 thus demonstrating the fact that Grant was in command on offense as well as defense.

McClymonds: A Testament to Perseverance

McClymonds High School was a team that had struggled all season long with plenty of difficulties yet they managed it and won for that division 3-A title. McClymonds emerged victorious from a nail-biting contest against Marin Catholic High School by scoring 21-14, displaying great determination when circumstances are challenging.

A Celebration of Football

The 2023 CIF NorCal championships were indeed a manifestation of excellence in Bay Area high school football. Their communities have been inspired by these teams’ tenacity and determination, leaving an unforgettable footprint around this part of the football universe.


The 2023 Bay Area high school football CIF NorCal championships shall have been recalled for dramatic encounters, uncommon turns, as well as remarkable showcases of sportiveness. These teams will always be remembered for bringing regional football history together to show that sports are about being united, friendship, and making people dream more. The Bay Area prepares for the 2024 season where there will be new rivals and stars.

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