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College Football 25 Top 100 Players Revealed

As to EA Sports College Football 25 released soon-to-be a few days, top 100 players by the overall rating comprise the list with Michigan cornerback Will Johnson in the first place. The star of the University of Michigan was scored 96 in the EA Sports College Football 25; the same rating has LSU left offensive tackle Will Campbell and the Oklahoma State running back Ollie Gordon II.

College Football twenty-five will be the franchise’s launch, to happen after the NCAA v. Alston case in the US Supreme Court in 2021. This historic case decided 9-0 that college athletes in all divisions could profit from their NIL. After the case was settled for $40m three years later, EA Sports hinted that College Football 25 title would consist of such things as Home Field Advantage and Wear and Tear; features associated with the earlier NCAA Football brand. These features will give home team players some advantage over stiff opponents as compared to similar conditions that may be provided to the visitors.

The company went further and showed players, which players would excel with the new offences and defenses of the upcoming college footballs season of 2024-25. The 25 best college football players in the game were ranked based on the overall EAS rating based on statistical categories relating to a player’s position including awareness, speed, strength among others. From this list, three athletes, Michigan cornerback Will Johnson, LSU left offensive tacle Will Campbell, and Oklahoma State running back Ollie Gordon II, were rated 96 overall. The next nine players, who also have a rating of 95 overall are Tennessee right defensive end James Pearce Jr. , Ohio State free safety Caleb Downs, Colorado both a wide receiver and cornerback Travis Hunter who also graced the cover of college football 25, Free safety Malaki Starks of Georgia, Michigan defensive tackle Mason Graham, Ohio state’s running back Quinshon Judkins and Georgia right offensive guard Tate Ratledge.

Who Are The Top 100 Players In College Football 25?

  1. Michigan CB Will Johnson

  2. LSU LT Will Campbell

  3. Oklahoma State HB Ollie Gordon II

  4. Tennessee RE James Pearce Jr.

  5. Ohio State FS Caleb Downs

  6. Colorado WR/CB Travis Hunter

  7. Georgia FS Malaki Starks

  8. Michigan DT Mason Graham

  9. Ohio State HB Quinshon Judkins

  10. Georgia RG Tate Ratledge

  11. Missouri WR Luther Burden III

  12. Notre Dame CB Benjamin Morrison

  13. Texas LT Kelvin Banks Jr.

  14. Arizona WR Tetairoa McMillan

  15. Clemson ROLB Barrett Carter

  16. Iowa MLB Jay Higgins

  17. Colorado QB Shedeur Sanders

  18. Georgia QB Carson Beck

  19. Ohio State WR Emeka Egbuka

  20. Georgia LOLB Mykel Williams

  21. Kentucky RE Deone Walker

  22. North Carolina HB Omarion Hampton

  23. Ohio State HB Treveyon Henderson

  24. Minnesota LT Aireontae Ersery

  25. California HB Jaydn Ott

  26. Ole Miss DT Walter Nolen

  27. Texas QB Quinn Ewers

  28. Notre Dame FS Xavier Watts

  29. Ohio State LE Jack Sawyer

  30. Oregon QB Dillon Gabriel

  31. LSU LOLB Harold Perkins Jr.

  32. Alabama C Parker Brailsford

  33. Michigan TE Colston Loveland

  34. Arizona CB Tacario Davis

  35. Alabama FS Malachi More

  36. Texas Tech HB Tahj Brooks

  37. Jacksonville State LG Clay Webb

  38. Iowa FS Sebastian Castro

  39. Virginia SS Jonas Sanker

  40. Louisville CB Quincy Riley

  41. USC C Jonah Monheim

  42. Kansas HB Devin Neal

  43. Alabama LG Tyler Booker

  44. Boise State HB Ashton Jeanty

  45. Colorado State WR Tory Horton

  46. Ohio State LG Donovan Jackson

  47. Penn State RE Abdul Carter

  48. Georgia LG Dylan Fairchild

  49. Michigan HB Donovan Edwards

  50. Old Dominion ROLB Jason Henderson

  51. Ohio State CB Denzel Burke

  52. Oklahoma MLB Danny Stutsman

  53. Cincinnati RG Luke Kandra

  54. Ohio State DT Tyleik Williams

  55. Michigan DT Kenneth Grant

  56. North Carolina RE Kaimon Rucker

  57. Penn State SS Kevin Winston Jr.

  58. Arkansas LE Landon Jackson

  59. Oregon WR Tez Johnson

  60. Alabama RG Jaeden Roberts

  61. Kentucky CB Maxwell Hariston

  62. Wisconsin CB Ricardo Hallman

  63. SMU LG Logan Parr

  64. Penn State HB Nicholas Singleton

  65. Oregon CB Jabbar Muhammad

  66. Virginia Tech CB Dorian Strong

  67. Miami HB Damien Martinez

  68. UCF HB RJ Harvey

  69. Syracuse TE Oronde Gadsden II

  70. Cincinnati DT Dontay Corleone

  71. Alabama QB Jalen Milroe

  72. Louisville LE Ashton Gillotte

  73. Ole Miss QB Jaxson Dart

  74. Notre Dame TE Mitchell Evans

  75. Kansas CB Cobee Bryant

  76. Alabama MLB Deontae Lawson

  77. Notre Dame DT Howard Cross III

  78. Miami LE Rueben Bain Jr.

  79. Kansas QB Jalon Daniels

  80. Oklahoma State MLB Nick Martin

  81. Ole Miss WR Tre Harris

  82. West Virginia LT Wyatt Milum

  83. Purdue FS Dillon Thieneman

  84. Wisconsin SS Hunter Wohler

  85. Oregon WR Evan Stewart

  86. Iowa ROLB Nick Jackson

  87. Florida State LE Patrick Payton

  88. Texas A&M LE Nic Scourton

  89. Arizona RT Jonah Savaiinaea

  90. Liberty QB Kaidon Salter

  91. Clemson DT Peter Woods

  92. LSU RT Emery Jones Jr.

  93. Miami WR Xavier Restrepo

  94. Oklahoma SS Billy Bowman Jr.

  95. Oregon LT Josh Conerly Jr.

  96. Rutgers HB Kyle Monangai

  97. Iowa SS Xavier Nwankpa

  98. LSU TE Mason Taylor

  99. Georgia TE Oscar Delp

  100. Liberty HB Quinton Cooley

Out of the College Football 25 roster, none received an overall rating of 99. Sitting at the top of the list was Rubin Carter, while the second and third spots were occupied by the Big Ten Conference athletes; the Southeastern Conference (SEC) or SEC athletes took the fourth to the seventh places; the eighth place belong to a student-athlete from the Big 12 Conference and the ninth and tenth places were from an SEC athlete. Hunter’s colleagues, other players on the College Football 25 cover, Texas’s Quinn Ewers, and Michigan’s Donovan Edwards, ranked slightly higher: 27th and 49th, with the overall scores of 92 and 91, respectively.

Over 10,000 players have been included in the game and the addition of this year’s Ultimate Team mode can be considered essential for lovers of College Football games. How these overall ratings of the players will harmonize with the real college football season has yet to be determined.

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