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Corbin Ind. School System offers congratulations to Coach Greer and his retirement

Based on our thanks and kind wishes for success, the Corbin Independent School System publicly declares the retirement of Head Football Coach Tom Greer.

Coach Greer, a former Corbin High School graduate and a true Redhound at heart, retires with the highest win percentage of all-time for any football coach in Corbin’s history.

He has reached the highest pinnacle of achievement, through which he has continued the tradition of strong winning football at Corbin.

The Corbin team has always been known to frequently make it to the quarter finals and, in this season, several games that have ended with the team winning championships, is under the guidance of Coach Greer.

The district wishes that he can do his best in the future.

Austin Greer leaves the bulletin Redhound football with a glorious part of the club's rich and historic tradition.

The football complex that translated to an approximately $17 million renovation now has all the characteristics of a college setting. It has been designated as a top-rated college level sporting venue. Larry Vaught at YourSportsEdge. the fact that com has named the facility "one of the very best in the nation" is a proof that the facility is one of the best in the nation.

Mr. Greer also said the fact that the team will have a roster full of the players who would have been graduating in the previous year will help the Redhounds to strengthen the team's competitive nature and allow them to continue the tradition next year thanks to the community that doesn't have a rival when it comes to supporting its football program.

Head football position is provided by Corbin Independent Schools since the beginning of May 8, 2024, with the interviews to presumably take place in the next several days.

Corbin is a school district of about 3,000 students which is classified as 4A and plays football at this level.

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