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Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Dak Prescott’s Improved Performance Gives Hope for Challenging Schedule A

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott has improved considerably lately and given fans confidence that they can beat tough opponents in forthcoming matches.

With an impressive 1,895 throw yard, 13 touchdowns, and five interceptions, Prescott was injured in most parts of the previous season. This means that he has made a further 67.3% of passes so far – his highest rate in a season.

Faster and more accurate than its predecessor.

Perhaps the most significant development in Prescott’s play is his improved accuracy. The player completes a career best 67.3 percent pass completion that was higher than the 64.1 he achieved in the previous season. He is also getting a better grasp of the ball and has less interceptions this season compared to the two previous ones.

The improved arm strength and mobility of prescott.

Besides enhanced accuracy and decision making in Prescott, he has also recorded more power and flexibility. This has therefore made him a more dangerous threat to opposing defenses by being able to throw the ball faster and play on the move.

Prescott's Leadership

Prescott has also proved himself as a competent leader of the Cowboys this year. Both on and off the pitch he has spoken his mind, contributing greatly to a positive dressing room atmosphere.

Cowboys' Challenging Schedule Ahead

The Cowboys have a tough schedule up next, but with Prescott’s improvement, it remains possible that they may take a stab at the deep ends in the post-season. Five of the seven remaining games that Cowboys play are against teams with good records.

Prescott’s key role in determining if the Cowboy will win.

The Cowboy’s win or lose will depend on Prescott’s performance in the game. If he plays the way we’ve seen him do of late, the Cowboys could be very tough for their post-season opponents.

Cowboys fans see this as a good sign.

Fans of Cowboys have considered this as a good sign. The Cowboys have a great quarterback in Romo, who leads them to take the title. With Prescott as the quarterback, Cowboys fans probably have a lot to look forward to next year.


In the past few weeks, Dak Prescott has put up respectable statistics and the Cowboys have hope for making it through this difficult year. He has become much more accurate in his decisions, and also improved on his arm strength, and movement capabilities making him extremely deadly at opposing defenses. The Cowboys have also benefited from Prescott’s leadership. As long as Prescot plays at the height of his latest displays, then, the cowboys are potentially quite unsafe for the play offs.

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