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Elite Safety Duo Leading Baltimore Ravens Defense

This season, Baltimore Ravens’ defence has performed as one of the best NFL teams. However, part of their excellence can be attributed to the outstanding performance by their safety duo of Geno Stone and Kyle Hamilton.

The leading and the best tackler on the season for the Ravens has come from Stone, a fourth and final year player. He has also recorded three interceptions and two forced fumbles. Stone is an athletic one who can fit as a weak or free safety, and he was crucial to the team’s front attack unit.

The Ravens’ defense has been helped by another young rookie in Hamilton who was a first-round draft pick. His tally stands at 54 tackles, two interceptions, and one forced fumble. He is a great athlete and a tough player that has often proved to be a playmaker for the ravens.

This year, the Ravens’ defense has been among the best in the NFL and has only surrendered an average of 18.2 points per game. The Titans have also been excellent in their take-aways, compiling 20 interceptions and 14 recovered fumbles.

The Ravens’ defensive success may have a lot been contributed by the performance from Geno Stone and Kyle Hamilton, their safety duo. It is incontestable that these are the top players who command respect and have a significant contribution in their team’s success over the course of this season.

Here are some of the key stats for the Ravens' safety duo:

Geno Stone:

  • 72 tackles

  • 3 interceptions

  • 2 forced fumbles

Kyle Hamilton:

  • 54 tackles

  • 2 interceptions

  • 1 forced fumble

The safety duo of Geno Stone and Kyle Hamilton has been instrumental in maintaining the Ravens’ top-tier defense this season. These two players are atop the field, and they have played a great role in making the ravens win this year.

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