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Former Oregon standout, Vikings rookie CB Khyree Jackson dies in car accident

Khyree Jackson the cornerback with the newly drafted Minnesota Vikings died in the early hours of Saturday in a car accident; he was only 24 years old. The team ratified the information on the news and the Maryland State Police ratified the details of the accident which was in Prince George’s County.

The police also said in the accident Jackson’s high school teammates, Isaiah Hazel and Anthony Lytton lost their lives in the accident. According to in the statement, Hazel was behind the wheel of the car.

Police posited that Jackson’s car was hit when the other car was trying to make a lane adjustment as this vehicle was allegedly speeding. Residents think it is possible that alcohol played the role of a contributing factor in the accident.

Oregon, the place where Jackson was selected and the fourth round by which the Vikings decided to take him. But just hours before the Vikings took Khyree Jackson in the April NFL draft, he was jumping all over the mall like. Returning clothes. Wearing other mannered products such as shoes and clothes. Speaking to the managers of stores, likely whispering some jokes to them.

After the Vikings called and informed him about selection, he will pick his mother Ebbony with a FaceTime call.

“Mom, are y’all watching?”

“We are,” she responded. ‘Did you receive the phone call?’

“Are y’all watching?” He asked again, the tone of his wry smile was clearly heard over the phone.

“Wait”, Ebbony inquired, Do you still have intact thoughts and are you still in the mall?”

He laughed. Suddenly his picture appeared on the television set that his family owns. Ebbony shrieked. Finally, when Khyree came out of the mall, he left the Tysons Corner, and as he drove home to Upper Marlboro, Md. , to celebrate, his mother’s lips never stopped retracing so many of the moments. Going out for a drive in the desert to drop Khyree off at Arizona Western. Virtual meeting held with Alabama football coach, Nick Saban whom has been coaching for over a decade. She got comfortable on the couch and looked at him and shook her head. Tears. They fell relentlessly.

“I was just so happy,” she said about two months after the incident. “So proud. ”

Overwhelmed, because of the road that Khyree had taken. What he’d navigated. Belief kindles talent and his belief helped him to overcome. The promise was undeniable. And it is all of that, a story written with the intent of a happy ending, that makes the news of Saturday mournful.

“On behalf of the Minnesota Vikings, I am devastated to say that Khyree is no longer with us,’ Kwesi Adofo-Mensah, the general manager of Vikings stated in his Saturday statement. “Through the interaction with the player prior to the draft, we realized the goals Khyree had set as he prepared for the next level in his life and his playing career; The story of the player was that of a fighter. ”

Jackson moved five schools, and three junior colleges. He once walked away from football, flip-flopped at Chipotle, dreamed of a professional basketball Virtual Player career primarily on NBA 2K, and even cut meats at Harris Teeter, the grocery store that promoted him to manager of the month. The spark to play football was instilled again by a one day telephone call by a coach of the Fort Scott Community College in Kansas. There, he met former NFL cornerback Joey Thomas, who watched the 6-foot-4, 194-pound receiver swivel his hips once before saying: It is comforting to know that he could possibly be a star at corner back.

Khyree nodded his head to what Diaz said because obviously he would.

“Some kids they turn the other way and say, I don’t want it,” said Khyree Zeno’s high school coach DaLawn Parrish. “No, not Khyree that guy who acts like he’s five star recruit, just saying, ‘Bring them on, I’ll take them all. ’ ”

Indeed, even after playing for East Mississippi Community College, Alabama saw him in that fashion. Saban was to hold a Zoom videoconference with Khyree, Ebbony and the father of the former, Raymond. Bama gave Khyree to the Crimson Tide. He then went to that campus and was able to compete with the likes of more hyped players Terrion Arnold as well as Kool-Aid McKinstry.

Khyree spent his soph season on the team and then transferred to Oregon, in which then head coach Dan Lanning fell in love with him.

“If you were setting up a team in ‘Madden,’ this is the kind of cornerbacks you wished you had,” Lanning stated.

A former Alabama staffer, Drew Svodoba, said: Pearl about Clarke: “If he can get it all going, I mean, this guy … I’m talking about, like, an unbelievable talent. ”

The Vikings Khyree felt that way so leading defensive pass game coordinator Daronte Jones met him at Senior Bowl. During the pre-draft meetings, defensive coordinator Brian Flores clearly focused him in and the Vikings drafted him. Details of Khyree’s ordeal were captured in a post-draft interview session in which he was accompanied by local media practitioners.

Ebbony liked to say a line she and Khyree always said to each other, When you talk you break my heart into a thousand pieces.

“Just another chapter of what?” Ebbony would ask.

That was where Khyree would chime in with a smile, “My story”. “My story. ”

In spring practice, Khyree was seen to have some potential and this week coaches of the vikings have been texting him that they saw him as an asset for the current season.

“We were literally just texting,” one Vikings coach said Saturday. “I’m in tears. ”

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