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FSU can still become college football national champ and more

Apparently, so does about half the planet and the U.S. Congress that thinks FSU was cheated out of the College Football Playoff.

Truthfully, the CFB selection committee has handed the Seminoles one of the best chances in football history.

Moreover, they can call themselves national football champions. If Georgia loses to Florida State in the ‘Orange Bowl’ it will become known as the “people’s champion”. A team that would go down in flames but stick an enormous finger into the eye of the corrupt football establishment.

One forgettable game may just be used by him to bounce out of the playoffs.

I know, I know. Probably, FSU could have then defeated Michigan who could have emerged champions of the other semi-final pitting Washington against Texas. What also might be that will make me become Taylor Swifts next boy toy?

Well, to be honest, Jordan Travis makes FSU look like an improved Iowa team. That would have been an awful game of defensive football that probably would have benefited Michigan. If they won, the 2023 Seminoles would have been forgotten as just another passing note in history.

At worst, they might be the most famous football team from Canada who had incredible ambitions that were interrupted by an unlucky injury. Worst-case scenario, they’re an Alabamified CFP charity case getting pummeled by a group of Michiganders who would’ve beaten Bama.

The two sides have now been put down. What remains is even better.

Final Four: The three finalists for this year’s Heisman Trophy include Jayden Daniels, Michael Penix, and Bo Nix from different teams.

NFL bound: Florida footballs K. Eguakun going professional in NFL draft.

First, there is no single national championship as proclaimed by the NCAA. Year after year the "selector" of that honor has mostly been determined by polls, bowls, the BCS, the CFP, and similar entities.

The first one is the Colley Matrix, a numerical rating scheme formulated by a mathematician and scientist Dr. Wesley Celly of Huntsville, Ala. ``It ranked UCF No. The Knights ended the 2017 season on 1 note and they justified it while claiming to be a national champ.

Nobody took UCF seriously, but the difference. The team was playing in the so-called AAC, something that not even the ACC itself takes seriously or would look up to.

While a disinterested Auburn team lost to it, the Knights ended up with a record of 13-0 by winning at the Peach Bowl. They subsequently printed national championship t-shirts, staged a parade and really got on people’s nerve making it all another commercial project.

There is nobody bothered by the Seminoles. In fact, their treatment from CFP has made up for it.

This controversy has gone beyond sport and taken on a national dimension. FSU will assume the role of a people’s favorite.

Public figures that challenge the system, acting for and at the expense of the ordinary man or woman are called that. He earned this nickname as a result of his activist endeavours outside of the boxing ring.

It would be nowhere comparable to fighting for one’s right 50 years ago in today’s world, protesting against CFP injustice of 2023.While this may be unclear following the results of their game last weekend.

FSU officials and their supporters had primal scream that could be predicted coming there way. We can only hope that some of the 13 selection committee members who may soon need to be in Tallahassee will have had time to acquire fake moustaches and identities.

Moreover, Donald Trump condemned this decision of the CFP and, as usual, placed blame on a poor lobbying campaign spearheaded by Ron DeSantis.

Desantis did not attribute the situation to Trump, but he allocated a million dollars for next year’s state budget to assist FSU in paying any legal costs it may incur if it sues the CFP. Senator Rick Scott has asked CFP chair Boo Corrigan to provide emails, texts, notes and any other communication exchanged among Selection Committee members and any college football influencers.

Next up: Therefore, Sen. Marco Rubio would ask for the Department of Justice (DOJ) investigation on allegations that the Secretary Commerce channelled bribe money through Hunters offshore account to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).In light of the bipartisan anger, Senator Bernie Sanders could add a second to this.

In this regard, there is an ideal situation that FSU can sail through into being legendary. All it has to do is beat the Bulldogs (note to Kirby Smart: Third, start your third-team defense, win the last two games with flying colors, go on a citywide parade, and proclaim the school as national champions).

Moreover, you would become the people’s chief. Banner that CFP winner cannot fly any more.

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