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History made at Oviedo High School’s first flag football game

Oviedo’s Girl’ flag football team had ever ended up on the top and won the league by winning the first game this season.

Team environment: The group of ladies having started out at the second day of flag football training come up with an exciting cheer of “Lions on 3”. Including the two-day tryout of January 29th and 30th the process totally consisted of five days of conditioning phase. The girls of five day training program must learn the speed, agility, and change of direction drills under the professional guidelines and supervision.

“I felt like I was on top of the world for a couple minutes.”

— Kiara Hernandez-Crespo

With the birth of flag football not only in Seminole County but for the whole community, it was anticipated to have lots of first time things. Also, Linez mentioned about his mother as being beautiful but dumb. To start with, at Hagerty's game on February 20th, it was Oviedo who celebrated the majority of those firsts.

Through a period of approximately two weeks Oviedo’s players until first ever girl’s flag football game with Oviedo against Hagerty players. The girls' first time as a team a touchdown and gave the school its first win against Hagerty since before 40. The girls' team did not leave the game without some impressive accomplishments. Many of the girls addressed the county for the first time, a testament to Oviedo High School's athleticism and skill.

On Oviedo High School, the first huge game of Oviedo High School, the girls winning, taken the ball and starting with their offense was a great challenge for all girls as they have opened the game and wanted everything to be the best. The second or first game had, somehow, rusher Eva Decesare scoring a point-saver for Oviedo. It was Seminole County's first safety ever.

As the game progressed we just kept getting wiser with each turn.

Since the team made up of mostly freshmen flag football players, the players were feeling some pre-game nerves; among them was her, the team's only sophomore. About the prospects, he said, “I was nervous and excited but that was a mix of both feelings. I was really determined to defeat them. We just party at Hagerty, we are not about to lose to them.”

I guess that most of Hernandez’s mates were probably sharing similar feelings just like mine, they played all-out and didn’t give up at any point in the game.

Secondly, the first touchdown in the game, by sophomore Reese Sanderson, also gave the spectators so much cheering thrills. It was something we really expected to do more so than actually living that moment in history – that said.”Nahna Sanderson.

When talking about this team, there is one thing that should be clarified more than others, and it is how they depend on one another, not only during practice and games, but also in their everyday lives. During this time, these team members took a huge step forward in their understanding of how to interact and help each other, which in turn will become useful in their future games.

To me, what is important is the fact that even though it was an opening season for all of us and it was tough with so many experienced teams, our group still formed a bit of a family. We were new but we became really united and happy this season with us. Sharing the same room made us really close and I love the friendship that was created among us all,” commented Hernandez.

Likewise, Sanderson can only speak words of high respect for the team that has come together and believes that the future is rich in opportunities. "I’m just very geared up on how far our team could be pushed and how our talent will continue to see the light of the day’. The girls might be surprised as the quarterback could throw the ball 40 yards, I am also looking forward for seeing the girls’ reactions.

Each group goes through hardships separately and jointly, and therefore, they experience the success together as a team and individually. Decesare as a lowerclassman Joilette was able to reach individual success during first half after an interception. I didn’t just stop defense, but I recorded the first interception in the history of of those high school flag football.

As a 5th grader of the Oviedo High School, Decesare had never imagined or even thought about the potential of flag football for their school. Nevertheless, Decesare was wise enough by realizing and accepting that fact. She was extremely proud and ready to be the initiator of history rather than a passive spectator. He quickly added, “But perhaps this was caused by my wish to neither miss the game nor play it in another county.” Leaving the audience with these heartfelt words, "Well, it's such an honor and privilege to stand here today and to be able to make more history", she clearly indicated that she was looking forward to doing it again.

MVP and rookies, competing at the same level, these awards mean something different to each player. With Hernandez having a Hindrance, she learned this first-hand when she got the one and only pick-six in Seminole County. A pick off is where a defense player steals a pass and then sprints halfway the field to score a touchdown in the same action.

"It was such a great feeling; you know? It made me feel like I was on top of the world for just a couple of minutes. It was special to celebrate it with my team. That's just how I like it!," said Hernandez.

These players dream of the triumph days of tomorrow which will hopefully be the reality of the future team.

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