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How the Philadelphia Eagles can clinch an NFL playoff spot

The Philadelphia Eagles continue to fly sky-high amidst all the hype among their fans this year. The playoffs are not far away with a 10-3 record leading an NFC East division. But, in what way will the Eagles formally confirm their playoff position? Now, let’s find out which situations will take Philly in playoffs.

Clinching Scenarios:

  • Victory is the Key: The Eagles will have the simplest way of making it into the playoffs if they win their Monday night game against the rival Dallas Cowboys. Such a win would clinch the NFC East title and a playoff berth.

  • Losses Can Pave the Way: The Eagles might even lose to the Cowboys but with the assistance of other teams they can still clinch. Here are three scenarios:

    • Green Bay Packers & Atlanta Falcons Lose: Should the Packers and Falcons both lose, even if the Eagles lost their match, they would still clinch the NFC.

    • Buccaneers & Vikings Lose: Much like the Packers or the Falcons, a loss on the part of the Vikings or Bucs would see Philly take home the NFC east trophy.

    • Packers-Buccaneers Tie: Additionally a tie against the Packers and Buccaneers plus a loss by the Falcons would place another entry in their name on the list of teams qualifying for the playoff competition.

Catch ya later and Flying High with Eagles!

The remaining few days shall be exciting for Eagle fans as there are many ways into the playoffs. Whether they clinch on Monday night or through other results, one thing is certain: Philadelphia will be ready to make some sound in the postseason.

Keep checking the official sources of information about the Eagles.

Fly, Eagles Fly! Let’s make sure this is a playoff run to remember!

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