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Jaylen Waddle makes Miami Dolphins history on Christmas Eve

Miami, FL – It was a happy Christmas eve, and Jaylen Waddle became the only Dolphins receiver ever to have accomplished what no Miami pass-catcher had done before. Waddle notched the 1,000-yard receiving mark for his third straight year in a nailbiting Dolphins victory of 22–2O against the Dallas Cowboys. This big game brought him yet closer to becoming one of this season's biggest stars and future legends with dol

This historic accomplishment wasn't just personal vindication for Waddle, it was a magnificent period that ended the Dolphins 'hard-fought playoff win. Thunderous play courtesy of a 75-yard reception in the fourth quarter as well ignited Miami's march to postseason glory.

After the game, Waddle said he couldn't put into words how much this meant to him. Reaching this on Christmas Eve, in front of such an incredible crowd and with my teammates right by my side--this is something special. I wouldn't be here without them, and it will be exciting to see what we can do together in the playoffs.

Head Coach Mike McDaniel couldn't stop praising the young sensation. "Jaylen is a game-changer. He's got talent, dedication--and a heart of gold. This testifies to his hard work and the great potential he brings. This is only the start of Jaylen Waddle's career, and the whole Dolphins organization is so proud.

Waddle's Christmas Eve heroics have sparked a little excitement in Miami. Fans are excited about the team's playoff berth and Waddle's quick rise to stardom. As the Dolphins prepare for their postseason journey, one thing is certain: Jaylen Waddle will have the name forever immortalized in Dolphins lore alongside such legends as Mark Duper and Ricky Williams.

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