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Loudonville Football's 1990 Champs Honored with Induction into Ashland County Sports Hall of Fame

Ashland, OH (December 25, 2023) – The Ashland County Sports Hall of Fame is especially proud to announce its Class of 2024, in which the 1990 Loudonville High School football team will be inducted. This legendary squad, of grit and determination capped by an unforgettable victory in the state championship game, will be formally inducted.

The 1990 Loudonville Redbirds, who were schooled by head coach Jim Schmitz, overcame all odds and brought home the Division IV state championship trophy. Even though entering the playoffs with a record of 7-3 and coming face to face against fierce adversaries, the Redbirds never lost sight of their longed for crowning moment. Their march to the heights reached a zenith in Loudonville's sporting history, when they won an exciting 21-14 overihelm of previously undefeated Coldwater Cavaliers in state championship game.

Recalls Mike Jones, starting linebacker: This was a truly special team. We had a never-die attitude and we believed in one another with every step, it was like living out our dreams. It wasn't just us players winning the state championship--it was for all of Loudonville!

The 1990 Redbirds were not so much a group of talented athletes as they were brothers in arms all sharing the same mission. Their teamwork, determination and fighting spirit made them role models for their teams, classmates even the whole Loudonville community.

According to Jane Brown, president of the Ashland County Sports Hall of Fame: The 1990 Loudonville football team is unequivocally a prime example--the very best that athletics in all-ofAshland have had to offer. Their perseverance, honorable spirit and relentless pursuit of the best are what we seek to glorify in our Hall of Fame.

Induction of the 1990 Loudonville football team is certain to be a highlight when Ashland County Sports Hall of Fame holds its ceremony in 2024. The Redbirds' legacy lives on as an inspiration to generations of Loudonville athletes, and it is a place they will always hold in Ashland County sporting history.

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