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Matt Eberflus appears to have nicknames for every player on the Chicago Bears roster

A video is going around where Matt Eberflus tries to get several players excited before the game starts. It looks like every player has a nickname. Most of them are very good, but some aren't that great. You can see the Chicago Bears' dressing room is doing good and it might be a reason Eberflus stays on after 2023 season. We can talk about that later, but let's look at some of these nicknames. Should we?

We often hear nicknames for the part of the team that stops opponents from scoring.

  • Jaquan Brisker = Mako

  • Kyler Gordon = Spider-Man

  • Jaylon Johnson = Dragon Slayer

  • Eddie Jackson = BoJack

  • Terell Smith = Smitty

  • Jack Sanborn = Sandman

  • T.J. Edwards = Hitman

  • Tremaine Edmunds = Predator

  • Montez Sweat = Beast

  • Gervon Dexter = Dino Dex

  • DeMarcus Walker = D Walk

  • Andrew Billings = Juggernaut

  • Darnell Wright = D Wright

  • Justin Fields = One

  • Tyson Bagent = Bae

  • Roschon Johnson = Governor

  • Khari Blasingame = KB

  • Tyler Scott = T-Scott

  • Velus Jones = V12

These are all the names we heard in the video, but I want to hear what he calls every player. You can see that the team playing defense is stronger. Tyler Scott and Darnell Wright's nicknames are really bad. Justin Fields' and Khari Blasingame's nicknames aren't much better. He didn't give Eddie Jackson a fresh one, but these other names are real.

What's funny about this is that when the local media asked Matt Eberflus about his nicknames, he replied "I have nicknames for you too" — talking to members of the news.

I'd like to know how he names some of the people in the news room. Adam Hoge might be called Hogie (too easy). Does he call Adam Jahns, "Jahnsy" like the rest of us? Kevin Fishbain could be a name like "Fishman", or " Fisherman ". I don't know how you would call her Mark Carman, Herb Howard or Courtney Cronin. What do you think are some other possible names he might use for the media members?

No matter what happens this offseason, I will definitely give credit to Matt Eberflus for his ability to make and keep good relationships with his players. I'm not sure that is enough to keep him as head coach, but I guess he will get back up fast and find a new job in charge of defense.

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