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Matt Prater set NFL record this season

Phoenix, AZ (December 27, 2023) – Today there is something to celebrate for the Arizona Cardinals and all NFL fans--kicker Matt Prater has become a legend. Known for his big leg and thunder kicks, Prater has officially earned the record mark of most field goals made from 50 yards or more in a single season.

What made Prater's feat so remarkable was his 55-yard field goal against the Chicago Bears on Sunday, December 17. This was the sixth successful kick of at least 50 yards or more this season for Kolb, thus breaking his own personal record set last year (five times) and Jason Hanson's previous high mark in 2011.

Prater's voice was filled with humility and pride as he said, "It is a great achievement." My answer: I've been very fortunate to have had a long career with great teammates and managers who helped me get here, but it all comes down to kicking the ball through the uprights. The only thing that matters is results; fortunately for me, this season my numbers were in pretty good shape."

Long-distance kicks aside, Prater's record-breaking season testifies to his general consistency and dependability. This year the 39-year-old veteran has made 88.9 % of his field goal attempts, one of the highest percentages in all basketball land. His accuracy, and clutch performances have been key to the Cardinals' success. They remain in contention for a playoff berth.

Kliff Kingsbury, head coach of the Cardinals: " Matt is a great pro and one of history's best kickers. His season is record-breaking, which recognizes his skill and effort for us. He's a weapon on every possession.

Fans all over the NFL have been raving about Prater's accomplishment, with many sending messages of praise on social media. His record remains an inspiration to young hopefuls and evidence of the value of dedication.

Congratulations, Matt Prater--on a fabulous season and an earned spot in NFL history.

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