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Micah Parsons defends Myles Garrett after asinine accusation

It is reported that T.J. Watt was unhappy after his fellow players took the title but did not get a chance to hold it as he went home even sending out a cryptic tweet during the show. Not only was Garrett, but also another person who the award shouldn’t have been given to Garrett. Criticism was posted on social media, but Micah Parsons of the Dallas Cowboys, was fast in defense of Garrett the award has gone to the right man.

On Thursday night at their annual awards show the NFL presented their awards and the Cleveland Browns swept up. Four of the organization members were home with an award, among then were Coach of the Year Kevin Stefanski, Jim Schwartz as the Assistant Coach of the Year, and Joe Flacco as Comeback player of the Year. Garrett was also awarded the Defensive Player of the year award which is elusive in the NFL.

There was rumor that T.J. Watt was pissed about not getting the crown home since he stayed home and made a cryptic tweet during the ceremony of the awards. However he wasn’t the only one who believed he didn’t deserve the award. Criticism was all over social media but Micah Parsons of the Dallas Cowboys stepped up to defend Garrett saying the award went to the right man after the ridiculous charge that the award show was "rigged."

But when one of the Barstool writers stated this was an “NFL Rig Job” Parsons slammed this guy saying he was stat-scouting. He called it a “horrible take “and even pointed out that often Garrett had to be double-teamed yet he still made an impact on the game.

Parsons, just like many others, is frequently double teamed too and knows well enough how hard such situation can be for one of the sticks when the whole attack turns everything on getting rid of the player by all means. That applies to Garrett as well and he finished up with 14 sacks. Besides himself, Garrett’s knack for drawing spectators took the load off many others in the defense who had great years in 2023 including Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah, Grant Delpit, Alex Wright, and Ogbo Okoronkwo.

After 'Cleveland is Cleveland' comment, Parsons comes to the defend of Garrett

Parsons, whom fans of Brown got angry with when he said “ Cleveland is Cleveland”, knows what defenders are facing in NFL. Just three years, Parsons has the sack number of 40.5 including 14 this year. As I said, he's usually being double-teamed himself but he admits that Garrett faces this more than he does — and has more success and bigger impact on the game.

Card came a stud operation from Parsons, who knows where in his opinion Garrett. However, it doesn’t present the fact that the Browns will play harder with him this time when they meet each other.

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