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Michigan vs. Iowa score prediction for Big Ten Championship Game by expert model

PREDICTION-Sp+ Predicting Michigan defeats Iowa by 20-16.

The SP+ prediction for the Big-Ten championship game indicates that Michigan beats Iowa in a 29 – 6 tally. According to this model, Detroit has a 90 percent probability to emerge victorious for itself in the entire match.

The track record of the SP+ model is impressive.

SP+ is a reliable prediction model for college football games. The model was accurate in predicting 79.5% of all games against the spread for the 2022 season. Additionally, the model got 65.1 percent of straight- up wagers correct.

Michigan's Offensive Advantage

In the game for the championship of the Big Ten, Michigan is expected to enjoy an edge on offense. This season, Wolverines has scored on average 37.7 points per game and placed itself at number five among all teams in the country. However, the average score for the state of Iowa stands at 20.6 ppg (83^{rd} best).

Iowa's Defensive Strength

This season, Iowa’s defense is among the best in the country and only allows 16.2 points per game (5th in the country). Nevertheless, Michigan is more powerful than any team that the Hawkeyes have met this season.


According to the SP+ model, Michigan is expected to beat Iowa at 29-6 during the Big Ten Championship game. According to this model, Michigan has a 90% likelihood on winning the game straight-up. It is anticipated that Michigan’s offense will prove beyond reach to Iowa’s defense.

Additional Notes

  • Of late, Michigan has managed to win ten out of eleven times when they have met.

  • Michigan has a record of three wins and one loss in its last four Big Ten Championship Game outings.

  • This season, Iowa is two and one against Big Ten championship game appearances.

However, it is just a prediction and we may have a different game at the end.

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