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Nebraska Football: Does Memorial Stadium Suffer from Being Moody?

This article is not the kind I want to make a stand of any form or sort. It is just a thought that occurred to me last week when in the Friday Flakes, I learned that despite being put up for demolition, Memorial Stadium did not find its way into the EA Sports Top 25 Hardest Places for Opponents.

First and foremost, it is necessary to point out that at the present time, Memorial Stadium does not belong to the list of the 25 most difficult venues for the rivals. As most things are subject to change in life, things could change through winning. But as for today, it possibly should not be included in anyone’s list of the 25 best stock exchanges globally.

Games at the Memorial Stadium are ones I have attended several times but specifically, games with a Nebraska football team. Said Most likely in a similar way that most of you who are perusing through this article may be.

Terms that I would probably use to describe various environments at Nebraska football games could be as follows:Terms that I would probably use to describe various environments at Nebraska football games could be as follows:











It is an uncontested fact that those 11 a. m non-conference games against teams they are definitely not on par with are always going to see the opposing team giving their absolute best effort and the home team just showing up hoping to win by 20 plus and maybe beat the traffic to Gateway Mall after the game.

The 2:30 kickoffs are rich with “ugh it is going to take up my entire day” sentiment.

We also know that those 6 p. m. or 7 p. m kickoffs are the matches which can I assume have the ‘thank goodness we got to tailagate all day long’ type of feeling.

But not always.

I have myself attended enough night time kick offs to the extent that, at times, one can describe them as ‘well I think we need to be louder so I will try’ type of approach. These games are improved since the ones that starting at 11 a. m. but it is still far from idea.

Okay — Sometimes Nebraska fans are the most energetic and eager to get started of all the people.

I would describe the 2014 game against Miami as “rage filled. ” It was like the intensity of the players transferred to the fans.

That game against Oklahoma in 2009, I would probably have to say playing in that environment here at Memorial Stadium was probably one of the favorites for me. It was as if the fans were feeling that they were imperative to the Nebraska team searching for ways to beat the Sooners en route to a 10-3 win.

Then there is the 2011 victory against Ohio State who had Nebraska on the ropes at 27-6 in the third quarter. The one that stands out was the jump cut of Rex Burkhead Palc for a touchdown catch. The atmosphere was awesome. Especially during that comeback.

I can only recall few games which have been played at the memorial stadium since that Miami game they played in 2014 I think where the crowd was fully involved in the game.

I would almost hazard guess that the atmosphere has not been positive one. Fans are just sitting around waiting for some good to happen like that got time they wasted. And until that comes — then they are going to sit on their hands.

I prefer the 11 a. m. kick offs. To me, that must influence every single college football atmosphere in the United States of America. They are snoozers.

However, it’s the 2:7:30 p. m. , 6:00 p. m. and 7:00 p. m. night games that your fanbase has to excel and often fails to in Nebraska.

Of course, this is where I think that surely losing has a lot to do with that.

What would need to change? Of course preparation of alcohol would assist much The masthead is quite informative and gives a clear understanding of what to expect in the publication. But what else?

The displayed music has to be changed? Is it necessary to listen to AC/DC and Motley Crue, bands repeatedly?

Believe that the tunnel walk probably needs to be changed. That part is way too prolonged at the moment It’s way too drawn out right now.

Perhaps ‘do not use the time between stops’ and give Nebraska fans a chance to sit through an informercial. Just thinking about having to do it I am beginning to yawn already.

I do not know what the solution is but there must be an alteration concerning the game-day atmosphere that does not require the dist breakdown of a significant portion of the football stadium.

The mindset shift that needs to be implemented here is that it has to be geared towards the youthful generation when considering game-related stomping grounds. Yes, it would include a generation younger than me.

Some would argue however, is that it will ultimately evict the old people who have been using the program for years. Yes, but the other side of the ironic coin is that then we will indeed have a game-day experience that is much closer in character to what is usually expected and found in a retirement home than on a college campus.

Who knows. Perhaps the Winning Solution can effect the cure for all. It would be nice to know.

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