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NFL Position Battles to Monitor: Running Backs (2024 Fantasy Football)

For fantasy football managers on the running back position has been quite challenging year in year out. Given the fact that the traditional workhorse running back position is already a thing of the past, backfields in the NFL have by no means could be described as more defined today.

Its quite clear that this tradition of a team entering an offseason knowing who the roster starter will be is now a thing of the past. Today, teams are demanding that these players rightfully earn their roles through the training camps.

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2024 Position Battles to Monitor: The eight contestants in the Final Category were Running Backs.

Keeping track of the rumors has never been more vital for the managers in the mini-fantasy league, but especially for the RB spot. The persons that can predict the mastery level of touch distribution when it comes to NFL backfields are the ones that stand to benefit from the set league mates.

Kyren Williams’ brilliant 2023 season is a classic example of this Noah Bellamy, for instance, during the warm-up in the preseason last year, some headlines predicted a massive workload for Kyren Williams despite the earlier Cam Akers hype.

He who studied the buzz that circulates around the training camp was surely profiting from Williams’ obscene RB performance on the weekly basis. The ones who hooted at them probably bailed on Akers a few weeks after sinking mid-round pick equity on him.

Here are some NFL backfields where the team is very questionable as to how the backfield work will be divided: Many of these situations are described by beat reporters, fantasy managers should monitor what they have to say.

Raheem Mostert, De’Von Achane (MIA).

Before proceeding with the presentation of the selected section, it is necessary to aback indicate that the Miami Dolphins are blessed to have a plethora of talented RBs. Looking at the players with 100+ carries, Mostert and Achane were ranked as the best RBs of 2023 per PFF grading.

Achane’s 7. a respective 9 yards per carry and 153. based on the 5 elusive rating, and 5. Yards after contact per carry averaging 12 yards after contact, all these were ranked in the first among the above-mentioned group of, RBs (PFF). These numbers, again, high though they are, will all come down to ‘regressing to the mean’. They will just not be sustainable because he expects a carry to increase to the 102 he recorded in 2023.

Mostert, for his part, was từng considered one of the league’s elite running backs last year. RB’s with > 100 carry, according top PFF Mostert emerged sixth in YAC/rush, sixth in missed tackles forced and fifth on elusive rating when compared to other RBs. For a player entering his 10th NFL season, Mostert is just too efficient a runner to be kept off the field in terms of carrying the ball as a behind back. It remains so, even with those ridiculous efficiency coefficients recorded in Achane’s performance.

Considering that both players have quite a rushing acumen, then they will most likely share the load and balance the team’s carries pretty evenly. The same must be said to Mike McDaniel because it would also be in the two players’ best interest to reduce their workload in the interest of building a rapport for health conscience purposes. Injury has unfortunately been a tag that follows Mostert throughout his entire carrier. While at the same time, Achane had a number of injuries that forced him to sit out six games in his rookie year.

In 2023, per PFF at the receiving department, Achane had superior showing than his running mate in terms of the receiving grade, yards per route run and the YAC/reception. He will most certainly be more likely to take on a larger share of the pass-catching responsibility. On the other side, the goal-line position may be considered Mostert’s to lose. In the red zone, he confirmed his weight by entering the last season with a total of eighteen touchdowns which is the league’s highest.

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AGE, JKD, KV recent transfer to LAC

The hiring of HC Jim Harbaugh, and OC Greg Roman especially during the off-season further assures a run dominated offense for the Chargers in 2024. Carries are not going to be in short supply in this backfield, so there is no dispute. That being said, there is ongoing uncertainty about how the volume will be allocated amongst this team’s three main RBs: Gus Edwards, J. K. Dobbins, and Kimani Vidal, a rookie for the team.

Edwards strung together a quite ordinary campaign in terms of fantasy value when he was Baltimore’s premier ball carrier in 2023. As for PFF, he entered the season with an average two. 71 yards after contact per carry and obtained an elusive rating of 32. 3. These are, to say the least, very low numbers indeed, at least considering the concept that a web site, above all a news web site, should be constantly updated with new content and articles. On the credit of Edwards, he proved that he has the ability to handle a lot of load as one of the prime weapons and the RB1 on an attacking team. The same cannot be said about the other RBs on this depth chart, however, as it remains to be seen if Mark Ingram or any of the other backs can have as effective a year as last season.

Dobbins always remains a highly efficient grinder out of the backfield. His career 5. Yards for every carry and 8. Yards per attempt after contact and per PFF of 29 are big. Dobbins’ problem persists as his tendency to get physical injuries frequently. That season-ending achilles injury in the first week of the 2023 was more disappointing. The Chargers would be well conversant with such injury issues that may harm their player and as such, they may restrict his playing time.

The latter is a real wild card of this battle for a backfield. The California based Chargers team selected this powerful signal caller from the Troy in the sixth round of the recent NFL draft. However, use of capital acquired in the sixth round is hardly inspiring, while, Vidal’s profile is fantastic. According to the scale established by PFF, he got an esteemed figure of 116 in the negligent category. 3 and accumulated 81 missed tackles forced in his last year in college.

Taking everything into consideration, the writer concludes by surmising that Edwards could be an early down back , probably in the coming games. In the Dobbins offense, he will mostly be used in passing downs and as a seldom used change of pace in throwing game. However, if Vidal begins to make good performances in the liberal season, he has chances to tacitly compete for these veteran RBs’ workload. Presumably, it will be necessary to pay much attention to what the camp is thinking about the rookie.

Javonte Williams comes from DEN and so does Jaleel McLaughlin

Moving into the second year of his coaching in Denver, Sean Payton will have unequivocally entrenched his offense. The Broncos offence will greatly emulate the former Saints offences that produced a lot of success in the past years.

One of the foundational traits of any offence run by Payton is the profound role the RB will be used in. Such as Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingram benefit from these schemes and scored their career best. Considering that this team has a rookie QB and a very small group of pass catchers this offense is especially likely to start their backs for more chain moving.

Javonte Williams has acted virtually as this team’s RB1 in the past yet has been unable to seize on it. He has not been able to get 1,000 yards rushing or go beyond 4 rushing touchdowns in any individual season. Indeed, 2023 became one of the worst years for Williams in terms of their performance. Looking at PFF grade, he was 45th in run grade and 38th in the elusive rating among all RB with 100-plus carries.

On the other hand, the role of Jaleel McLaughlin performed at an excellent level, though he played a secondary role in the team. According to PFF, he got a rushing grade of 82. 8 and a stringer rating of 113. 8. Additionally, he averaged 3. Combined, with contact: 38 yards per carry.

In besides McLaughlin also displayed prowess in the aspect of running back and catching the ball. According to the PFF, he was the best graded Broncos pass-catcher in the 2023 tier. This man is an expert in space and he dominates through the air, making this man an Alvin Kamara of the football pitch. Payton has already come out and said he likes the second year RB.

Based on what has been observed, it becomes clear that McLaughlin is likely to emerge as the winner of this training camp competition and be this team’s RB1. Despite not being the huge stud he once was, given that he is currently being drafted many rounds after Williams, McLaughlin is screaming value in drafts. Should hear beat reporters gush over him during the training camp.

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