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Notre Dame Football: Five Players We Missed Playing in College Football Video Game

There is no doubt that the ambiance of college football is prevalent as we are merely cramped for the start of a new season.

Right, by new season I understand the first release of an EA Sports College Football video game in 10 years, but never mind.

Specifically, it has been since NCAA Football ‘14 which is a game that was launched in the early part of the year, July 2013 to be precise. What it means is that there have been so many talented college football players who have played ball and then are never again part of it.

Therefore, out of all Notre Dame players over the specified period, which players would have been best to get to play as?

But it does not mean that one has to take the highest rated, they had some in bluish gold color that would have easily contended for rankings in the mid and high-90s.

Below are five Notre Dame players from 2014-2023 that I would’ve most liked to have as my character in the NCAA Football video game series.

Honorable Mentions: Linebacker Jaylon Smith, and Running Back Josh Adams

The most daft aspect of being able to have Jaylon Smith as your player in a video game is that you will be willing to bet that you will be able to use the player better than Brian Van Gorder did at Notre Dame and this would in most cases be true. Watching the speedy Josh Adams scamp, behind such folks as Quenton Nelson and Mike McGlinchey in video game mode would be cheating, also.

5. Will Fuller, Wide Receiver

Famously, speed is fatal in real football, but it is even far more fatal in football video games. No other wide receiver on Notre Dame during this particular time would have been as entertaining as Fuller to play with in the video game. Gosh, given the way the game has worked in the past you can get really creative and have him ‘returning punts and kickoffs’ you know.

4. Kyren Williams, Running Back

Kyren Williams could not outflowspeed other running back like Fuller above or any other running back of Notre dame in that period of time. However, he wasn’t sluggish, as speed was also an essential aspect that he possessed in considerable measure. This game is just the fact that no Notre Dame running back that I’ve seen sustained balance anywhere near as well as Williams did in that time and that’s make him a really difficult guy to tackle in this video game as he was in actual football games. Gardeners can think of how frustrating it was when Emmitt Smith would juke out and fall forward for an additional three yards on every carry back in the early release of the Madden franchise – and now imagine that of Williams at Notre Dame.

3. Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah, Linebacker

This means I expect carriages, and where the popular “hit stick” will be operational in the college football video game once again, and possibly, no player in college football for the last decade would have benefited from such a thing more than Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah. It is worthy to note that Owusu-Koramoah was a force that caused five fumbles in his last two seasons at Notre Dame. I have the feeling that playing a season with him on your team would end up bringing a lot more than that.

2. Kyle Hamilton, Safety

There is excessive ego prevailing in some players that make them feel like they are just a cheat code in video games. In the Madden franchise it would be Ravens great Ed Reed that would seemingly come from nowhere to ruin your day by intercepting a pass or two that you thought was headed to a wide open receiver. Funny enough it is a current Ravens safety that would have provided this as well as any safety in the college game over the past 10 years.

1. Ian Book, Quarterback

Despite the fact that many would probably argued that Ian Book was the best Notre Dame quarterback in this time. According to draft status, there would be those who argued it was DeShone Kizer. Ian Book handling an offense as a college video game would be somewhere between Michael Vick in madden 2004 and attempting to flick a gnat that is ravishing a table full of food at a picnic. Yes, though Book would not have the arm strength that Vick did in the game, his element of evasiveness and ability to slip a tackle and run for a good amount of yardage when it seemed like he was going to be sacked would make some of the online… Of course some of the opponents online would just must rage quit.

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