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Philadelphia Eagles vs. San Francisco 49ers Playoff Rematch Likely, Predicts Nick Sirianni

Philadelphia Eagles (10-2) will continue to carry around the No. The team still makes it to a 1 seed position in the NFC playoff picture despite losing 42-19 to the San Francisco 49ers.

Again, the 49ers (9-3) might claim that they had been wronged after having lost last year’s NFC Championship to the Eagles in the playoffs.

“After the game, Philadelphia’s coach Nick Sirianni said he heard “a lot of guys back and forth saying they’d play them again”. “However, a lot of soccer has to occur until then…. Hence this cannot go through our minds … If it occurs it occurs, but we are focused on the next match.”

It is a very common message. Forget about it, leave it behind, concentrate on the other adversary, move forward, learn from it.”

The Dallas cowboys (9-3) are among the best team this year; they are one of Eagle’s opponents that come after two impressive consecutive performances with 40 points each where Eagles cannot afford to turn up unprepared.

But they did not perform up to expectations and might have used the loss as a positive experience and motivator. Winning at a top NFC team will be an opportunity to give Philly its second wins among the three games it played against the top teams in the league with the Kansas City Chiefs (8-4) being beaten by them two weeks earlier.

Just as Sirianni’s trash talk in terms of motivation before the game with the 49ers, he’ll probably tell his men to utilize it provided it’s necessary; otherwise, they won’t.

According to Sirianni, “if that’s what motivates you to work out, by all means, make use of it … if that helps you, it helps you; if it doesn’t, it doesn’t.” But play among themselves. Despite this, still make an attempt to play cool…well, there are instances when we have utilized such things which were beneficial for us: today these moments were not.

This week’s embarrassment will result in a lot of talk that the eagles were out.

For Philadelphia, the real problem will lie in transforming that talk into an internal focus resulting in a crucial win-over the most formidable member of their NFC East Division in Week 14.

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