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Sean Payton Benches Russell Wilson, Bringing Controversy to Broncos Locker Room

In an arrogant manner, coach Sean Payton of the Denver Broncos resorted to one of his usual methods of being a jerk on Wednesday. Russell Wilson left the football.

"I hope it gives us a spark, too!" said Payton.

He argued that substituting Wilson for Jarrett Stidham was the right decision for the team, as they had a lot of work to do in just two weeks before they could go on a vacation to Cancun. He justified that opting for Stidham would be beneficial in terms of team success and ultimately lead to a better outcome.

I am not sure if Payton thinks that he can deceive all of us all the time.

I'm not convinced, Sparky.

In my opinion, Payton is unreliable because he has won too many games even though Stidham has not won any, but he is a more reliable quarterback because he is older and has played more.

I think this move looks dirty, since it has so much to do with money. Specifically, it hinges on the $245 million contract extension that Denver would have to pay if Wilson got hurt before they started splitting up during the offseason. Payton lost credibility by doing this and we need to take action to prevent him from doing this again as it will have negative impact on the team.

I cannot think of a coach who is filled with self-aggrandizing balderdash like Payton, and this frustration has built up over 40 years of following the Broncos from different locations and through different achievements and failures.

With general manager George Paton, who compounded the mistake of trading for Wilson by rubber-stamping a massive extension before he threw a single touchdown pass in Denver, standing in the wings, Payton looked TV cameras in the eye and sent a message to the locker room: If Wilson isn't safe, then no one is secure.

“I don’t have the power to fully replace the offensive line or bring in five new receivers. According to Payton, who is extremely brilliant and has made Denver rank 16th in scoring with an average of 21.8 points per game in the league, if this problem persists, we will have another person to talk to us.

The coach seemed like he was unable to accept the challenge of building a good offense around an unusual quarterback.

If the players don't start questioning if they are the next one to get thrown under the bus by Patty, they are ignorant students who deserve their fate.

When I heard that Stidham will be given the responsibility of defeating the Chargers and Raiders to keep the Broncos' hope of making it to the playoffs alive, I wasn't feeling great in the locker room.

The Broncos are absolute dogs.

The tension we felt was worse than the one we felt while Joe Flacco was eliminating New England from Super Bowl contention about a decade ago. It was Payton who was not adequately prepared to defeat the efficient New England team and it was Belichick who emerged as a bitter Scrooge.

"I came here to win and win the championship with my team. Unfortunately, we lost 26-23 and it seems like the end of my career in Colorado."

It's quite evident that the skills of Wilson have decreased over time, which has taken a toll on him physically with the 527 sacks he has gone through. I'm not sure if he knew how high the expectations are for Broncos quarterbacks after being influenced by John Elway and Peyton Manning. In my view, his record of 11-19 as a starter over the last two seasons can be considered as a failure.

We can't forget that Wilson is also a Super Bowl champion and he has been selected for Pro Bowl nine times and he has 334 touchdown passes in his career. The coach treats him cruelly as if he's a kid, despite him being an adult and having an excellent performance in the games. The coach is white, old and crusty and since he is a captain and a black man, he has to listen to such treatment.

The institution of pro sports always prioritize the tracking of funds, and therefore the Broncos are protecting themselves by not utilizing Wilson's skills, consequently they avoid the possibility of having to pay him an additional $37 million in case of an injury in March.

The business of the Broncos is definitely not related to the subject of economics.

In my opinion, in order for life after Wilson to be exciting on the football field, it would be great if the quarterback changed his contract to make him easier to trade. However, after being disrespected and rejected by Payton, Wilson may have a good reason to decline the Broncos' offer, just like any other person in his position would.

Payton is very dominant and he has achieved victory by bullying and boasting. He is disrespectful to others and does not listen to their opinions. He bullies people to get what he wants, even if it means taking advantage of inexperienced ownership. Payton's attitude is that he does not answer to anyone, which is a very arrogant attitude.

But he seems oblivious to the growing suspicion in broncos country that he has no clothes It does not look good when Payton celebrates his 60th birthday and is 14 years removed from his only superbowl victory.

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