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Steelers Load Up on Defense in New 2024 NFL Mock Draft

As the 2024 NFL draft approaches, the Pittsburgh steelers are among several teams that need a lot in their defensive unit. In the last few seasons, the Steelers have found difficulty in guarding passes, and therefore adding some youth to the secondary is needed.

Chad REUTER’s mock draft has the steelers going after their defense needs in the initial two roundings. The first round according to Reuter has the Steelers drafting Georgia cornerback Kamari Lassiter. Long-and-athletic cornerback Lassiter possesses impressive ball skills. The Steelers’ secondary unit can use such a player as they will make a great improvement.

For their second-round pick, Reuter has the Steelers picking up Miami S Kamren Kinchens. Kinchens is an athletic safety who plays both deep in the field and close to the line of scrimmage. The youngster can also tackle well and has excellent ball skills.

Adding Lassiter and Kinchens would help rejuvenate the steelers’ secondary. This team would have also made the Steelers’ defense more capable of stopping the passes and thus complete.

Here is a look at Reuter's full mock draft for the Steelers:

  • Round 1: Kamari Lassiter, CB, Georgia

  • Round 2: Kamren Kinchens, S, Miami

  • Round 3: Will McDonald IV, a defensive end from Alabama.

  • Round 4: Zach Charbonnet, RB, Michigan

  • Round 5: North Dakota State (#7) vs. Luke Musgrave, T.

  • Round 6: Deuce Vaughn, RB, Kansas State

  • Round 7: Daiyan Henley, LB, Washington State


While writing about reuter’s mock draft, the Steelers need for secondary is considered as one of the top needs on defense. The two ideal players that can be added into the defence of the Steelers are Lassiter and Kinchens.

He might be called McDonald for him is a prospect pass rusher, which can be vital in improving Pittsburgh’s pass rush. Charles Charleson is a hard and powerful running back with whom the Steelers may have found a replacement for Najee Harriss. Musgrave is an agile offensive lineman that can perform as a guard or as a tackle. Vaughn can be used as a shift runner who is going to inject play making into the Steelers’ offense. Henly is a linebaker that can either play the inside or outside position.

In general, Reuter’s mock draft is an excellent effort by the Steelers. It not only solves their biggest concern with defense, but it also bolsters its offense by adding skilled players.

Potential Impact on the Steelers

Having Lassiter picked for the round one, as well as Kinchens to the second would strengthen a lot the Steelers’ defensive lineup. Unlike Kinchens, Lassiter has a tall build of his own as well as a long stride which makes him an exceptional athlete that possesses good ball skills.

With the addition of MacDonald and Charbonnet, the Steelers would have an important pass rusher and Najee Harris’ back up runner respectively. Musgrave is an agile and mobile offensive lineman who can bolster the Steelers’ struggling offensive line. Shifting running back, Vaughn could be quite an asset for the Steelers on offense. Henly can play any position in the backfield and could help the Steelers defend against running plays.

In summary, these drafted players would make the steelers more competitive and they could fight for a playoff post in 2024.

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