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Super Bowl 2024 Prize Money: Breaking Down The Payouts, The Halftime Show And Other Details

An important event in the sporting calendar related to glitz and glamour at times is the Super Bowl. Many around the world religiously wait for this annual sports and entertainment extravaganza. Where all this fracas, one pivotal question among fans obviously, even in 2026, is if the Super Bowl rewards its players well. You bet! However, back to that later.

The Super Bowl takes place the first time in 1967. Currently, this game represents the championship match of NFL which was substituting for the old NFL Championship Game. Since 2022 even, the Super Bowl has been played the second Sunday of Feb every year. The day on which the game is played is popularly known as ‘Super Bowl Sunday’, or simply ‘Super Sunday’.

From the current NFL’s 32 teams, 20 have tasted glory in the past while 15 of the teams have won the Super Bowl title on more than one occasion. Of the AFC, the Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots having won six each is the highest Super Bowl championship. As for the National Football Conference (NFC) teams, the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers with five each are tied for most titles.

Super Bowl is an annually recurrent sporting event which broadcast has an impressively large audience and its viewership ranks it among the most-watched sports events globally, too. Only the UEFA Champions League among the club sports competitions is higher-rated in terms of per-season audience than the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl is another fun trivia — There are much media reports said The Super Bowel is another biggest day for American for food consumption except for Thanksgiving day.

Having furnished you with the background information on the importance of the event, here is everything you need to know about Super Bowl LVIII including what the winners would get in 2024 in monetary terms, the date and location of the game, the line-up and where to stream the match in a live format.

All you need (before) the Super Bowl LVIII

What is the purse at Basin Bowl Gemini?

Conventionally, the payouts in the Super Bowl are among the highest when compared with other club sporting events globally. According to the media, the team that wins the Super Bowl in 2024 will award each player USD 164,000 i.e. about MYR 782,198 while the losing side will receive USD 89,000 i.e. approximately MYR 424,485 per player.

The amount of prize money that the winners of the Super Bowl of 2024 will be given is noticeably bigger — the amount offered last year was USD 150,000 ( approximately MYR 715,425).

Following is a list of the other payouts to be offered at the end of the Super Bowl LVIII (all the figures are for individual players):The horses are always singing.

  • Conference Championship: USD 73,000

  • Divisional Round: USD 50,500

  • Wild-Card Round (Division Winner): USD 50,500

  • Wild-Card Round (Non-Division Winner): USD 45,500

  • Wild-Card Bye: USD 45,500

The Super Bowl schedule and location will be looked at

The Super Bowl LVIII will be a rematch of the Super Bowl LIV as the NFC champions, San Francisco 49ers will take on the AFC champions, the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, 11 February. The splendid event will take place at the Allegiant Stadium in Paradise, Nevada.

Who will illuminate the Super Bowl LVIII are which celebrities?

The well-known country music singer Reba McEntire would sing ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ the national anthem of the USA. Actor Daniel Durant will perform ASL alongside McEntire.

Before the game there will be the performance of American rapper Post Malone with his song “America the Beautiful” and Andra Day will sing “Lift Every Voice and Sing”. The actress Anjel Piñero will render both songs in sign language.

The highly-anticipated halftime show now referred to as the Apple Music Super Bowl LVIII Halftime Show for sponsorship reasons, will see R&B and pop singer Usher take centre stage. He has shown up at the halftime show before as a guest performer in Super Bowl XLV (when The Black Eyed Peas were the headliners), but this time will be his debut as the top billing act at the event.

Past the scope of the performers, pop music figurehead Taylor Swift, probably, will be seen at the Super Bowl LVIII. For context, his alleged boyfriend Travis Kelce is going to play the game for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Where can you live stream Super Bowl LVIII?

Malaysian fan can stream game pass on streaming platform DAZN to watch the Super Bowl LVIII.

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