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Three Teams Remain in NCHSAA Football Playoffs

The final weekend remains for the NCHSAA playoff after many thrilling weekends of high school football. These are teams that managed to struggle it out in the competition, therefore they deserve a shot at fighting for the state title.

The Teams

The three remaining teams are:

  • Crest. Crest is a 13-0 record from the 3A West. This year, they have beaten their competitors with an average of thirty five points every game.

  • Cardinal Gibbons. The Cardinal Gibbons is a twelve wins and one loss team that competes in 4A-East. It is 11 wins in a row for them.

  • Grimsley. Girsly is a 13-0 team, which is from the 4A-West. This year they lead over their rivals with an average score of about twenty eight points per session.

The Road to the Championship

On the 1st of December, 2023, in an elimination series, the three remaining teams would play at state level semifinal series. The teams that win in their semifinals shall play the State Championship Game on December 9, 2023.

The Semifinals

The semifinal matchups are:

  • Crest vs. Cardinal Gibbons

  • Grimsley vs. Dudley

The Championship

The state championship game will take place in Kenan Stadium located in Chapel Hill, NC. It is also going to be aired through NC State TV.

Who Will Win?

Who will win the state championship game, one can hardly tell. The remaining three teams are quite strong. Crest, Cardinal Gibbons, and Grimsley stand higher chances of emerging victorious in the championship.

Who Should You Root For?

Therefore, if you love one of the three left out teams, you should cheer them against the above teams. You may however pick one of the remaining teams and wish the one playing the better football triumphs.

The future of NCHSAA.

North carolina high school football has a promising future. There are countless budding geniuses across the state while competition gets tougher by each passing year. I can’t wait to learn about the North Carolina high school football in the future.


It is an exciting event for me, especially when it comes to finding out who will be crowned as the state champion for the NCHSAA football playoffs. Let’s cheer the most wonderful squad of the whole country.

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