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Triple Header Showcases High-Stakes NFL Playoff Showdowns

Is it Bills mafia time on Saturday, folks? Today there are three special games for NFL Network, which is the first time in more than 40 seasons four different Saturday games were organized within one season.

In the tripleheader today, many crucial encounters for the Buffalo bills (-2) will definitely attract their attention starting with the encounter by Minnesota Viking (-1.5) and Cincinnati Bengals (+1.5), after that the showdown between Pittsburgh Steeler (+1) and

In a bid to clinch a Playoff berth, teams go heads-on with other rival sides seeking to reach the same position. Consequently, nothing is on the line in terms of our Saturday slate.

NFL, 1 p.m. EST on NFL network – MIN at CIN (Vikings at Bengals)

Today kickoff action gets started in a match involving an extensive look at the backup signal callers on the Vikings (7-6), and Bengals (7-6). Following the injury to the quarterback Joe Burrow this season, Jake Browning has been providing the stable role, the running back Joe Mixon as well as the wide receiver Ja’Marr chase have been keeping the chains moving. At the same time, the Vikings are praying they can get back wide receiver Justin Jefferson who is nursing a chest injury as their last victory was against Las Vegas Raiders (-10.5). While Minnesota would have the biggest question perhaps on the call making, they played without a quarterback Josh Dobbs who was later replaced by veteran Nick Mullen in week fourteen. Both teams are at 7-6 and this game is significant to these two sides as far as their playoff ambitions are concerned.

First, the Bengals throw the AFC playoff race into a complete mess by claiming a massive victory to set up the day.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Indianapolis Colts, 4: 30 p.m. EST (NFL Network)

There is another match with two seven-six sides today. Similar to the early game, this contest too pits back-up quarterbacks against each other. With Kenny Pickett getting sidelined due to injury, the Steelers are now depending on backup quarterback Mitch Trubisky. Pittsburgh will most probably use Jaylen Warren and Najee Harris in running the offence. Defensively, it hopes to stop the likely line-up of Zack Moss and possibly even former teammate Jonathan Taylor who missed for two weeks due to an injury. It has been a difficult journey for the Colts since they began their season without their rookie quarterback, Anthony Richardson, who missed the entire campaign. The hope of the people of Indiana is preserved by garder Minshew mania in Minshew’s place.

In this case, I am taking the Steelers and hoping Jaylen Warren will have a big day tomorrow.

Denver Broncos at Detroit Lions, 8: 15 p.m. EST (NFL Network)

The Denver Broncos’ record currently stands at 7-6 with an impressive mark of 6 wins in their last 7 matches. A victory for the Broncos leaves them at one game trailing the leaders of the AFC West. After a major upset by the Chicago Bears (+3), the Detroit Lions (9-4).

Let us bet 10 dollars at CHI will look forward to winning tonight. The balls lost by Detroit could have been three in number, and hence they need concentrate to protect the balls better than this against the Bears.

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