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Which Iowa football players earned All-America honors in 2023

IOWA CITY, IA (December 14, 2023) – The Iowa Hawkeyes' relentless pursuit of excellence has yielded another stellar harvest: three hawkeye football guys get coveted consensus all-america awards for year of 2023! Junior defensive back Cooper DeJean is among the latest group of Iowa’s best athletess who have put their names at the Hawkeyes “Wall of Honor.” This is also true for senior linebacker Jay Higgins and senior punter Tory Taylor.

DeJean as a dynamic two-way threat showed where he belonged in the country. He received First-Team All-America recognition by various sources such as the Walter Camp Football Foundation, the FWAA – Football Writers Association of America, AP -Associated Press, Sports Writing, and The Athletic. Dejeans’ electrifying punt return for a game winning touchdown against Michigan state, his lock down coverage on opponents all season and it will make those QBs frustrated.

Higgin, who was top tackler for the Big Ten and an intimidator in the middle of the Hawkeye defense, got first team choice All America accolades from FWAA and second choice from Walter camp. His untiring zeal and undeterred command gave him a place in the Hawkeyes’ backbone defense line.︙

Taylor, being a master of precision and control, was named as a First-team All-America by FWAA and later joined Dejean who had been chosen by AP and Sporting News (First-team). Indeed, Taylor’s strong kicks kept most opponent pinned deep inside their respective territories, and he helped to keep the opposition off of the goal.

Together, these three are the “pure guts” that represent Iowa’s tough football. The achievements of these players are as proof that the purpose of the program is not merely produce great athletes, but also great young men too.

According to Head Coach Kirk Ferentz, “Cooper, Jay, and Tory are not just phenomenal players but great leaders as well. Their dedication, work ethic, and talents inspire everyone who is their fan or part of the Hawkeye nation. These All America honors

While the Hawkeyes’ 2023 season has come to a close, the reverberations of victory will linger through generations ahead. DeJean, Higgins, and Taylor put their names in the history books of Hawkeye as legacies that later generations would follow. Their trip reflects of resilience and tenacity of the Hawkeye nation that the two have never failed to deliver despite their challenges.

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