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12 Jacksonville area high school football games to watch in 2024

Friday night kick offs are just a few weeks away with official practice for the high school football season set to start on July 31, with the regular season scheduled for August 23. It should be noted that every season has its curious battles some of which are with non-conference counterparts and others with opponents within the conference or league.

Here is a look at the games, in chronological order, that are worth seeing this season in and around Onslow County:Here is a look at the games, in chronological order, that are worth seeing this season in and around Onslow County:

The following week was at Jacksonville, southwest on August 23.

Since the year 2013, the Jacksonville and Southwest has been facing each other in the opener match every year except during the year 2021 when the Spring season was played.

The opener is always a large turnout because the game is between the Cardinals and the Stallions both of which are two of the historical programs in the Onslow County.

Jacksonville has the longest active winning streak in the series of eight games since the series began in 2003. installed that the Cardinals defeated the Bears 35 20 last year and hold the advantage in the all time series at 13 7. The Stallions won their last time in the year 2014 when they trashed St. Paul’s Saints 28-6.

The second team to take shape was Jacksonville at White Oak, September 7.

Certainly, a Week 2 home win over Jacksonville could one of the best chances for the Vikings to build their image as the team that is capable not only to win another Coastal Conference title but also to perform well in 3-A playoffs.

However, just like any game against the Cardinals, it will not be a walk over as people may think.

Jacksonville is ahead 46-8 in the series and won 13 games in a row in this match last season and total score of 23-8. White Oak last defeated the Cardinals in 2011 by a 7-0 score in match that was the third in a string of three consecutive victories against opponents from the other side.

On the same note, a win would be dear to the Vikings. A win for the Cardinals would be business as usual in front of another nice crowd of St. Louis fans.

Southwest against Richlands scheduled for August 30.

The previous match-up at Richlands was in 2022 when the Wildcats squeezed past the Stallions 7-6 The Wildcats last beat the Stallions 3-0 back in 1988, a streak of 32 losses.

Richlands made it two straight and, last year, won 14-13 with Southwest. This was the third meeting in the history between the two teams and Richlands has never won back to back to back games against the Wildcats.

Richlands had claims on Southwest in 1982 and 1983, twice in 1986 and in the third round in 1987 and ultimately the 3-0 blanks in the year 1988.

Spring Creek at Lejeune Aug. 30

But, if one can obtain base access then it might be worth the effort to see Lejeune host to Spring Creek.

That is because Devilpups quarterback Connor Shea last year equal a state record by hurling nine touchdown passes in a 58-16 whipping of the Gators last year. Since he is a senior this season, Shea can easily go higher on number of yards and scores.

If you can attend you may get to witness a little local football history.

Northside at White Oak, date: September 13

Usually, the pride is at stake when Northside and White Oak the two town situated three miles apart from each other meet.

The Monarchs and Vikings have competed annually from the 2003 season up to the 2021 spring but did not face off in the 2021 fall season or in 2022. White Oak claimed the victory in the game played in the previous year 35-22 and in the last game of the 2021 spring season with the score of 14-6 but, Northside is still ahead in the series, 15-4.

New Bern on September 27 at the Jacksonville

Jacksonville’s 41-18 thumping of New Bern last season was no flash in the pan in any sense of the word but what was left to be desired was the sight that was to be seen of the Bears players taking a dip after the game as several of them were suspended due to low achievements in their academics.

Whereas the Cardinals start their Big Carolina 3-A/4-A Conference schedule on Sept. 20 against the J. H. Rose Falcons at home, the match against New Bern the following week will be decisive as to whether they are genuine contenders for the title at the conference level.

Havelock at Jacksonville, Oct. 11

Regarding the Big Carolina 3-A/4-A Conference, Jacksonville is going to face Havelock which might become the final of the conference.

The Rams led the Cardinals last year 28-17 before clinching the conference title and before the latter lost it 36-34 to the Cardinals; in the second round Jacksonville triumphed 49-42.

Match to East Duplin at Wallace-Rose Hill on Oct 25

This jersey continues to be matched up between Wallace-Rose Hill and East Duplin as the Panthers take on he Bulldogs in the regular season’s second to the last game of the East Central 2-A Conference where the two teams could once again fight for the champion title.

Wallace-Rose Hill lost 20-14 to the Vikings in overtime for the ECC championship last year and the Panthers defeated the Bulldogs 13-12 for conference championship this year and 28-26 for the 2-A East Regional championship.

Croatan 2, Dixon 0, October 25

The possible match up among the season’s most outstanding games could be between Dixon and Croatan in a Coastal 3 A Conference.

The Cougars have competed for the conference title in the recent past while the Bulldogs are eyeing a better position after a much better showing last season.

Indeed, this game may just turn the heat at the last minute and also be affectant the conference standings.

Swansboro at White Oak, Nov. 11

On paper, White Oak is thought of as a favorite in the Coastal 3-A Conference for the season.

If things go as the Vikings would want them to go, the lady Vikings will be claiming a third successive conference title and a second successive outright title when they battle Swansboro at home.

More history though would be made at White Oak as the school has never had three straight conference champions.

Northside at Jacksonville; November 1.

Northside and Jacksonville are only three miles apart and will play for the 22 nd and final time in the regular season as these games usually attract a lot of people although the date of the meeting is yet to be determined.

Monarchs and Cardinals have faced each other annually starting in 2003 except for 2013, with Northside having a slightly better record in the series 11-10. Jacksonville has taken the last four in this series and seven out of the last eight, while they thrashed them 52-14 last year.

Match of The East Duplin at Southwest on 1st November

The third contest in Jacksonville area on the final night of the regular season brings East Duplin to the field of The Corral with an aim to tie the set with Southwest.

Despite the fact, Stallions leading the regular season series, 14-13, the Panther are tasting successive victories over the Stallions in the last three consecutive matches including 28-20 the previous season.

Week by week schedule

Aug. 23

Southwest at Jacksonville

James Kenan at Swansboro

East Duplin at Dixon

Clinton at Northside

White Oak at East Carteret Road

Richlands at South Brunswick

Croatan at Washington

Lejeune at Pender

Liberty Christian and Jones senior high schools

Aug. 30

Jacksonville at White Oak

Southwest at Richlands

Northside at Swansboro

East Duplin against West Craven

Pamlico at Croatan

Spring Creek at Lejeune

Dixon at Topsail

Liberty Christian, Faith Christian

Sept. 6

White Oak at Southwest

Richlands at East Duplin

New Hanover at Northside

East Carteret at Croatan

South Lenoir at Dixon

Lakewood at Lejeune

Swansboro at North Brunswick

Berean Baptist Academy nestled in Liberty Christian

OPEN – Jacksonville

Sept. 13

Northside at White Oak

Goldsboro at Southwest

Jacksonville at West Carteret

Topsail at Swansboro

Croatan at East Duplin

South Lenoir at Richlands

Trask at Dixon

North Duplin at Lejeune

At first, Liberty Christian and Father Capodanno competing their school programs enthusiastic, but later on Liberty Christian represents their school dance group for the trophy competition.

Sept. 20

JH Rose at Jacksonville

White Oak at Swansboro

South Central at Northside

Southwest at Wallace-Rose Hill

James Kenan at East Duplin Both the judent and Arrow provide short descriptions of this game, specifying that it took place at the James Kenan High school in East Duplin, hence the name of the game, James Kenan at East Duplin.

Beddingfield at Croatan

Richlands at Princeton

Dixon at North Duplin

Bear Grass at Lejeune

Rocky Mount Academy at Liberty Christian document 2

Sept. 27

North Lenoir at Southwest

D. H. Conley High School is Northside’s major school with around 1,500 students present in the area.

East Duplin at Kinston

Jacksonville at New Bern

Wayne Christian was up against Liberty Christian.

CURRENT – Croatan, Dixon, Lejeune, Richlands, White Oak

Oct. 4

Richlands at Swansboro

Later Northside High School and J. H. Rose High School

Southwest at Kinston

White Oak at Croatan

Dixon at West Carteret

Lejeune at East Carteret

The door is open now, East Duplin High School, Jacksonville or Liberty Christian

Oct. 11

Havelock at Jacksonville

High School: West Carteret High School/ Locker Room: White Oak

South Lenoir at Southwest

New Bern at Northside

Swansboro at Dixon

After a three week break they played North Lenoir at East Duplin

Croatan at Richlands

Lejeune at Wake Prep

This new design was performed at Liberty Christian against Lawrence Academy/Albemarle School.

Oct. 18

Dixon at White Oak

faced Jacksonville at D. H. Conley.

Swansboro at Croatan

When the East Duplin team prepares to face the South Lenoir team

Pamlico at Lejeune

Richlands at West Carteret

Liberty Christian against Arendell Parrott Academy

OPEN – Northside, Southwest

Oct. 25

Wallace-Rose Hill vs East Duplin

Jacksonville at South Central

West Carteret at Swansboro

Croatan at Dixon

White Oak at Richlands

Northside at Havelock

Southwest at James Kenan

Lejeune at Southside

Some of the popular private schools in Toronto include John Paul II Catholic at Liberty Christian.

Nov. 1

Northside at Jacksonville

East Duplin at Southwest

Swansboro at White Oak

Dixon at Richlands

Northside-Pinetown at Lejeune

Croatan at West Carteret

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