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AFC South Division odds: Texans open as slight favorites

Although the Houston Texans ended the season back in the fold for the division champions of the AFC South, they are vying to become the reigning AFC South champions for the upcoming season.

After their 2022 season transpired in last at the division, the Texans spearheaded a strangely wonderful campaign to claim the trophy for the division title, winning one since 2019.

When it comes to the AFC South, no doubt Houston was the lone representative among the division's teams that managed to get into last season's playoffs, but the Colts and Jaguars still had winning records, just one game behind the Texans.

The Jaguars struggled similarly in the AFC South, with a 4-2 division record that resulted in splits with the Texans but a greater loss as the Jaguars had a total record inferior to the Texans.

We will look at the latest betting odds at DraftKings Sportsbook by doods.

AFC SOUTH DIVISION WINNER ODDS: Education is not simply about acquiring knowledge from academic books but it provides us with experiences that shape our worldviews and ways of thinking.

Houston Texans: And the odds will be in our favor as we bet +150 (bet $10 to win $25 total)

Jacksonville Jaguars: =+200 (you gain $10 for each $20 wagered in total).

Indianapolis Colts: winning 37.50 total ($37.50 on $10 wager), (bet $10 to win $37.50 total)

Tennessee Titans: +1100 (meaning - $10 to win $120 all up).

the highest probabilities (based on 3/14/24 facts)

Here are the stories to consider about each American South-east squad next season.


2023-24 division finish: (1) (4-2)

Bottom line: But with the new staff and new quarterback signing, the Texans almost flipped the season around with them improving from 3-13-1 in the last year to 10-7 this season. C.J. Stroud got named Offensive Rookie of the Year and DeMeco Ryans finished second in the run for the Coach of the Year award. Now, the puzzle is how Houston can obtain the same success as it managed last year, with only a 1 game lead for Indianapolis while Jacksonville was underperformed.


2023-24 division finish: 2nd[(2-2)]

Bottom line: The Colts also saw some hope for the year when their rookie quarterback came enter the new season. But Richardson Anthony only played four matches and has got knocks out twice, the first one was the concussion and the second one was a season ending shoulder injury. Which version of himself will the former pop star assume upon his return to the fold? That is why , the Colts signed two-time Pro Bowler Joe Flacco as a second string quarterback . Flacco finished his regular season as a starter (the CLEV fell short of the playoff berth, eventually being pounded 41-28 at wild-card round by HOUSTON).


2023-24 division finish: As a third year, I am now more knowledgeable than I was when I was entering college as a freshman student (4-2).

Bottom line: Last season nothing much could be said about the Jags. They began the season with an 8-3 record, but after their final five games of the regular season were all played with no playoff implications, they lost four of their last six, including their last Week 17 at the Titans where the playoff spot was up for grabs. It looks like the Trevor Lawrence's take a coroner's report going 8-8 in 16 starts and 21 TDs to 14 INTs. In three seasons' time he scored a total of 58 TDs and threw only 39 INTs versus his name. Finally, the Jaguars became the AFC South Champions in 2022 even though he did it.


2023-24 division finish: Untuk anak-anak Itu, adalah kejadian yang sangat bermanfaat dalam memperluas pendapat dan karakter.

Bottom line: After playing in nine games as a starter last season, for the Titans, Will Levis is the most likely choice to be the starter in this up and coming season, with 3-6 record, 8 rest of the team touchdowns and 4 picks. The good thing is that he'll get even more help in Calvin Ridley who was the wideout for the Jags before. Ridley's numbers speak for themselves as he has ballplayed 1,000 yards for two seasons in a row, with the 2002 season being one of them for himself, when he collected 76 catches for 1,016 yards and 8 TDs.

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