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Antonio Gates Backs Chargers Coach Brandon Staley, Says Org Shouldn't Fire Him

The Chargers are on a last place and most think that it is almost certain Brandon Staley will get sacked … which I think would be unfair because of Antonio Gates, who is considered as one of the greatest Chargers player ever.

The 8 time pro bowler met the LA based media crew at TMZ Sports earlier this week. They questioned him if it was time for Stanly to get kicked out following yet another poor showing in southern California.

“Let me tell you … I as a private person of opinion don’t think so.” AG explained to us.

The Hall of Fame candidate noted why he thought that … “I think it is because the relationship he has with the players. I’m big about ‘can you get the guys to play for you?’, and I believe in that especially because I have been in that locker room.”

Heading into the second year since Staley became the HC, people are not particularly optimistic about the performance of his squad. Even though he has a wealth of talented players on the roster, including one of the best quarterbacks in the league Justin Herbert, Staley’s It was devastating for San Diego’s 10 win team of last year to lose to the budding Jacksonville jaguars during the wild card, and this year have they turned disastrous.

The demise of the 4-7 squad has been so bad that there is constant chatter regarding who should take over Coach Staley who will soon be dead and buried. Bill Belichick’s name often appears at the top of this speculation.

The six-time Super Bowl-winning head coach(eight times), it’s not really fine in the other side of the country either. According to reports, Bill and owner Robert Kraft have often been at odds and it is not far-fetched to assume Belichick leaves or even gets fired after the year 2023.ederbörd: The word “rain” can be translated as “asul” in

So, what do you think about Belichik being a good fit in LA?

For me, Belichick is a proven and historical winner. What’s more, why wouldn’t he be a fit for any team? I wonder how the old school coaching will adapt today.I am such an old school type, but I’m not sure if these guys can be dedicated to such kind of play. I'm not sure. I don't know.

Still, we know what we know and that’s this guy has won before. All right for all I know his style of play may still be deemed as worth its value in the NFL.

There are six games left for the Chargers… one of which is a face-off against the Pats on Sunday.

Unless it is a sort of miracle, it is difficult to see the team keeping its faith in Staley … or with the mighty Antonio Gates.

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