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Heartbreaking 'Hard Knocks' Clip Shows the Reality of an NFL Injury

Sports injuries for most fans is just about bother or inconvenience. May be, not getting it may mean a new shuffle of your fantasy team line-up. Your favorite team may have run into a bad one just to be broken before the home stretch. At times, issues concerning a player’s hardiness also arise. Why could they not play through as if nothing happened?

Those thoughts are focused on the bottom line. And they consequently ignore a key element: the one who was really harmed the human being..

For all it’s worth, there is nothing wrong with that either. However, professional athletes may not appear to be someone whom we can easily relate with -they are seen as gods or larger-than-life figures that we only admire from far.

However, programs such as Hard Knocks tend to try and bring things down a notch or two. Also, we’ll throw in a snippet of how it felt when Miami Dolphins linebacker Jaelan Phillips suffered an Achillies tear and give everyone a sense of professional sport realities.

‘The pain of torn achilles caught by “Hard knocks”

There are even instances whereby on-field microphones have captured loving moments between two teammates. Although other troubling events may show up during Hard Knocks, these are highlighted nonetheless.

As a matter of fact, one of them was realized in the Dolphins’ Black Friday match against the Jets. During the last stages of the competition, Phillips suffered a non-contact injury. However, the linebacker quickly suspected that something was amiss.

One of the clips, where you could hear him say “I think my S-S-S popped,” has been widely disseminated by social media. Bro, my Achilles popped… My Achilles’.

Defenders tried to comfort other playmates who ran toward them, but they did not succeed much. The phrases just came out and he even shed tears.

Finally, he managed to get into the cart and was carried out of the field. “Bro, why?” he said into the microphones. "Why?"

Another video provided a background for his pain. In addition, Phillips was one hit wonder with (one interception, 6.5 sacks and 43 total tackles through eight games) who knew was going by without his intervention.

He exclaimed saying it was pure disbelief man.4:`For instance, I felt like I had climbed Mount Olympus or something like that. I was balling out. That’s too crazy because Mike McDaniel came to tell me that I had an opportunity to be a star in this league before heading for the game. You know?“ And, just in general, these last couple weeks I’ve felt more confident than any other time that I’ve played in the league’. Also, ‘I have felt like prime time, first black friday game and everybody around the world is looking at me”. And this is how well I have played the better ball of my life.”

This however, was interrupted by an untimely injury.

McDaniel said that it was less common procedure when compared to the Aaron Rodgers had undergone. That would be a long trip to recovery if the linebacker was injured on that track. At least his start of 2024 will be a struggle.

One should also not forget that Phillip’s present case is totally out of Rodger’s scope. Playing on first ever NFL contract worth little over $14 million, linebacker makes quite small money to compare with what his opposite number gets – almost two times that much, or even $500 million in his pocket in course of NFL career.

Other than the money, which is indeed even an important matter in respect of a professional football player, dolphin appears to be rather insignificant compared to such personality as Rodgers. Anybody who is a four-time MVP has the right to expect an additional chance if he desires so. That is not the case with a third year linebacker.

Finally, it is when the pain comes in. Not only does it mean enduring physical pain, but also, the prospect of what may come afterwards is something that can be uncertain and stressful, especially when one suffers a severe injury. As far as we know, there’s only a road ahead—a very long road indeed. Phillips could struggle to recover. He may return, without the same quickness he had. However, in the event of the worst case scenario, it cannot be certain whether Phillips will play professionally anymore.

Then to watch all their work literally disappear before your eyes must have been an even harder pill to swallow. Furthermore, Phillips already faced a grueling journey to the pros. Since getting injured during college, he had to retire from football as well. However, the linebacker rejuvenated his career with the Miami Hurricanes only to be selected as a first-round draft pick in the 2021 NFL draft.

Things are now put on hold until next year, at least.

As such, when the same injury compels a substitution in your fantasy team, or makes you memorize a replacement player’s name, pause for a moment and think, instead of complaining. Remember that even pro athletes are just people, like Phillips who really suffered.

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