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Browning steals spotlight in Bengals' stunning OT win over Jaguars

JACKSONVILLA Florida – jake browning is saying that it was the real surprise in his career starting job. Everyone else would disagree.

In his second start, browning passed out 354 yards in addition to one touchdown against jacksonville – much higher, he had only four sacks in addition to two turnovers a week before – cincinnati bengals beat up jacksonville jaguars 3

Coach Zac said, “He just lit up the world”.

Browning also scored, and this was for the Bengals (6-6) who had not won a road games in ‘Monday night football’ since 1990. It was a 48-yard field goal in overtime made by Evan McPherson that differentiated it, breaking the team’s three game losing streak with game being played on Monday night, also breaking a nine game road skid with game being played on Monday night.

According to Browning, “after you scored 10 in your first start, you’ll surely look forward to having one more try.”

The other one, however, was stunning and possibly expensive to the Jaguars (8-4). They had lost their quarterback, Trevor Lawrence, to a sprain on his right foot at the final minutes of fourth quarter.

Before he got sacked, left tackle Walker Little stepped on Lawrence’ ankle. Lawrence managed to try getting up only to drop on the floor, tearing off his helmet and hurling it into frustration. Assisted onto the ground and along a tunnel toward an X-ray machine whose results came out negative.

Lawrence proceeded from the dressing-room using a walking stick and crutch. More tests will be done on Tuesday to assess the severity of the injury. The night could have been perfect for Lawrence if he had not been on his way of achieving a third touchdown. He also scored too.

Likewise, there was “Browning instead of star” Joe Burrow, who was watching and coaching while wearing a cast and a sling.

He, Browning completed 32 out of the 40 passes and engineered the game winning drive that resulted into Mc Pherson's successful attempt at a field goal in overtime. The first kick of the game came when McPherson hit a 57 yarder that just about touched the upper horizontal bar in the same direction and this was made by him after playing collegiate football at nearby Florida.

The reserve quarterback, C.J Beathard threw nine out of ten times for thirty-three yards in replacing Lawrence. Beathard positioned the Jaguars to score 40 yards Field goal by Brandon McManus at 26 second of regulation.

Doug Pederson commented that “it-should-have-been-the-game-winning-field-goal from a 48 yard kicker early in the 4th quarter”.

Ja'Marr Chase recorded 11 catches of 149 yards and a TD, 76 yarder in the third quarter sparked off the Bengals.

“Taylor quoted, “he is too hard to bring down.” “Once he gets a possession of the ball, it is always hard/stressful for the defending team”.

Joe Mixon picked up 68 yards with a pair of scores, while rookie Chase Brown added 61 yards for the NFL’s worst run game unit.] Additionally, Mixon recorded six receptions and 49 yards.

Third, Taylor’s trick play and mishap made things harder than it should have been on the Bengals.

Browning, later, threw the ball to receiver Tyler Boyd, who was astonishingly throwing to his opponent pass rusher Josh Allen. Allen made his second career interception by catching the ball. Four plays later, Lawrence jumped, stretching the ball over the goal line.

“It was all we had, and it could have broken our back there,” added Taylor. “However, our team united behind it.”

This is what Bengals are doing with Browing the whole week as his first start resulted in a 16-10 home loss to Pittsburgh.

When plays out there and head teams like he did, increases confidence level of whole team,” Taylor stated.


The Bengals danced in the end zone after Mixon’s first TD run. Everything appeared to be progressing smoothly until Orland Brown, one of the team’s tackles leant into a television camera to utter profane language. Brown may incur a penalty from the league for doing so.


In his first game in a month, Bengals’s receiver caught three passes of 36 yards. A hamstring injury had made him miss the last three games, all of which were defeats for his team. In this contract year, Higgins scores a total of 30 catches amounting to 364 yards with the two tucks downs. It was the worst one since his rookie year as he referred to it.


Zac Taylor tied up Press Taylor’s score in this year’s “Taylor Bro Bowl”.

At their own house in Norman, Oklahoma, his father, the late assistant coach for Kansas State carries a trophy with every head-to-head result of his two sons as coaches. In those three last games, Jacksonville’s offensive coordinator Press had emerged victorious in two out of the three games.

These bring the overall head-to-head record level at three wins and two losses with, one draw.


On the very first offensive play for Jacksonville, it lost receiver Christian Kirk (groin).He made a 26 yard reception and lay on the field for several minutes before limping towards the locker room. He did not return. Tre Herndon, a cornerback with concussion, was removed half-time as well.

Other players who were out in this game included defensive tackle, Fatekaso Fatukasi (ankle), Safety Andre Ciso (shoulder) and left tackle, Walker little (hamstring).


Bengals: Host Indianapolis (7-5) on Sunday.

Jaguars: At Cleveland (7-5) on Sunday.

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