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NFL 2023 Season Turns Extra Brutal as Injured Franchise QB Count Increases to 8 With Trevor Lawrence

They have been hit by injuries of their young promising quarterbacks. The unexpected injuries in the middle of some promising action can significantly divert their course towards their Super Bowl dreams. However, this was where the highly anticipated New York Jets‘ off-season’s trade of Aaron Rodgers got an Achilles injury in the very first game and thus ended the season.

For example, some popular franchises are also victimized by their quarterback injuries. The 8th quarterback injury in 2023 NFL season moved with Trevor lawrence being ruled out.

QB Injuries haunting the teams

Trevor Lawrence, a Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback, sustained an Ankle injury while playing with the Cincinnati Bengals. Nevertheless, it marks the eight occurrences of this season. MLFootball tweeted the picture on their Twitter, showing eight quarterbacks that ended up on their injury list at the end of their seasons.

In this instance, Joe Burrow, who is the quarterback, had a wrist injury. Achilles for Kirk Cousins and Rodgers. Anthony Richardson and Deshaun Watson with shoulder injury, and Daniel Jones with knee injury. MLFootball tweeted with a picture saying , “Injuries sucks”. This season they have spoilt a lot of other team’s seasons.

Nonetheless, football involves aggression and fights. Therefore, the players are assured that they have no other option than to suffer the wounds. However, apart from the injuries mentioned above, the 2023 football season left NFL fans satisfied.

2023 NFL season

Despite this, in the 2023 NFL season, the Philadelphia Eagles is a highly probable champion of the Super Bowl season. The eagles have notched 10 wins and two losses this season which makes them the campaign’s finest mark. Additionally, the reigning champions – the Kansas City Chiefs, are performing at top form once more.

Despite this, the Eagles redeemed themselves and went past the Chiefs after losing the 2022 Super Bowl. They have been hit hard by having numerous quarterbacks injured and this has forced them to go with the backups.

The Dallas Cowboys, Miami Dolphins, and Baltimore Ravens have also been topping the table for their divisions. These highest performing teams will meet and collide during the playoff matches after the league, towards achieving their dream of winning a Super Bowl.

In week 13 in 2023, the NFL landscape will enter the regular season. Which team has what it takes to win the 2023 Super Bowl title?

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