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Chargers Defense Struggles Against Green Bay’s Explosive Rookies and Injuries Pile Up for Offense

Green Bay Packers had an explosive rookies that proved to be too much for the Los Angeles Chargers defense in week eleven, with injured offence struggling in last matchup to take the match at 28-10 defeat.

Throughout the game, the packed offence led by rookie quarterback Jordan Love was fully functional. While he was aided by his impressive arm talent during the game, a few of Love’s big-play throws also had a high degree of difficulty.

Both Romeo Doubs and Christian Watson among the newcomer receivers for Packers were especially good. Doubs made seven receptions for 75 yards and one touch down to his name as the leader of this team, while Watson had four receptions to his name for 66 yards with the equal of one touch down each.

Green Bay’s rookies were too much to handle for the Chargers who had made a big point of their defense as one of its strong areas during the past games. On that day they could not tackle straight but allowed running game at work yielding 132 rushing yards.

Several important injuries on the Chargers’ offense has rendered it one of the most effective in the league this season. Austin Ekeler (running back) was out of this game because of an ankle injury while Keenan Allen (wide receiver) left at the beginning half with a hamstring injury.

If it wasn’t for Ekeler and Allen, the Charger’s offense seemed lacked rhythm. The quarter-back Justin Herber scored 182 yards with a touchdown but had two interceptions.

Their hopes of making it into postseason are dampened by Charger’s blow by Packers. The team drops to 6-5 this year and continues to compete fiercely with other AFC Wild Card contenders.

In order for the Chargers to have a playoff run, they have to regroup fast and become healthy as fast as possible. They will have a hard game with the Kansas City Chiefs next week.

Key Takeaways

Romeo Doubs and Christian Watson were rookies of the Packers and they made Chargers’ defense struggle.

Injuries to running back Austin Ekeler, as well as Keenan Allen proved detrimental to the Chargers’ attack.

The playoff hopes of the charges have been badly undermined with the losses of the chargers to packers.

Looking Ahead

If the Chargers are to be in playoff contenders, they must regroup and become healthy. The following week they will go for a tough test against the Kansas City Chiefs.

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