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Chicago Bears 2024 NFL Draft Polls: The quarterback decision

Chicago Bears Quarterback issue continuously pushes us to the conversation which was tedious exhausted with fans. Accurately, once an hour, a newspaper is published, a new opinion, or a rumor is released and with the NFL Combine on the brink of starting, it’s about to get crazy.

The silver lining is that what ever idea RC Poles envisages will be sharpen by the upcoming days the in indianapolis during which he’ll be having meetings with the top prospects and also discussion other teams on the scope of possible trades.

Last week, we cast the net of Bears fan on the topic of the QBs but the rumors pushed me to this bidface once last time before the situation comes to focal point which should happen during the 2024 league of business which is yet two weeks away.

These range from giving up the first pick as bait, trading the first pick for more picks in later drafts, investing in offensive playmakers like wide receivers and running backs, and developing the defensive line.

1) Can Justin Fields stay on the team and the team trade their first overall pick for the largest number of packages you can get in return?

2) Stick to trade fields where the strength that the team has is at wide receivers. Therefore, the top pass rusher in the draft is the one they have to choose.

3) Trade the 1st overall pick for the 1st and 2nd round picks and keep Fields together with rookie drafted.

4)Trade the first quarterback and convince the others to draft another quarterback instead of you.

Here, cast your ballot in these two polls and let us know which of these outcome FILL IN THE BLANKS do YOU prefer, and which one is the LEAST TO YOUR LIKING?

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