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Chicago Bears decision at QB is more nuanced than Justin Fields vs. Caleb Williams

In this case, Ryan poles has decided that he wants to leave Justin fields and choose a quarterback in the draft. My best pick (along with many others') is Caleb Williams. Drake Maye and a few others might be chosen if people in Poland think they're better than Williams. In this game, we decide that Williams is the player for them and they have to choose him first in total. (Another idea might be they change down and pick one of the other quarterbacks, even while moving away from Fields. But this only proves again how careful Poles and his team must act).

If the Chicago Bears pick a quarterback first overall, they are starting over with young QBs. This means in money terms, Poles can put their money somewhere else instead of giving $40 million+ to Justin Fields. That is very important, but it also means they don't have any extra players pick to use either this year or even the next two years. Now, they only need to use their own choice. This could be for a player like LT, TE or EDGE and maybe even an FS if Eddie Jackson leaves.

Now that the Bears traded their second-round pick to the Commanders for Montez Sweat, they do not have it. I don't think Poles cares about that though, as Sweat is winning. Please choose Sweat over any middle-range first round possible player this year.

A quick recap

If the Chicago Bears keep Justin Fields, they have the potential to walk away with:

Justin Fields

Marvin Harrison Jr. or Joe Alt

2025 1st-Round Pick

2026 1st-Round Pick

Poles can talk about any extra fluff (veterans or more draft picks) they have.

If the Chicago Bears move on and take a quarterback first overall, they will walk away with:

Caleb Williams

Malik Nabers, Rome Odunze or Brock Bowers are players that stand out.

A rookie QB contract

Get money from selling Justin Fields.

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You can see it's not just about Fields vs. Williams. The Chicago Bears have to work hard and make sure they don't mess up this offseason. If they make a bad choice, Poles' job could end much faster than he thinks.

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