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Jason Franklin Retires After 22 Successful Years as Head Football Coach of Holtville

After a spectacular career that spanned over two decades, Jason Franklin, the current head football coach of Holtville High school retired. While at the head, the Holtville Tigers went ahead to win two state championships and six regional championship.

Franklin’s teams possessed a reputation of dedication, discipline and good teamwork He developed winner’s attitude among his players thus enabling them realize their optimum in the offline and onfield playing arena.

He was more than a football coach. His players saw him as a mentor and a role model. They assisted him in developing good character and life skills which went far beyond their high school days.

The retirement of Franklin is a big blow to the entire Holtville community. The town loved him, and his impact on the football team is sure to linger there for years.

Franklin's Accomplishments at Holtville

  • 2 state championships (2015, 2018)

  • Twelve state championships (2012, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2019).

  • 18 playoff appearances

  • Over 200 wins

  • Numerous individual player awards

The Holtville Community effect of Benjamin Franklin.

Franklin was much more than a mere football coach. He played a big role in nurturing and inspiring his players. He assisted them with building of personality traits and knowledge essential in life after high school.

Education, too, enjoyed support from Benjamin Franklin who regarded them as inseparable. During this period, he advised his players to strive for high academic performance so that they may fulfill their ambitions beyond high school.

There was much impact that Franklin had on Holtville community. The town loved him, and indeed, he is remembered up till today.

What's Next for Franklin?

While Franlanin has not declared on what he will do ahead of him, he has indicated interest to stay linked with football somehow. One could argue that he may turn out to be a college coach or a scout.>:]< On the other hand, his son could set up his foundation to reach out and help youths pursue their dreams.

Whatever decision Franklin makes will turn out to be a success. He is very dedicated, diligent, and sincere in helping other people.


The retirement of Jason Franklin will be a loss to the Holtville community, but he is departing with an outstanding legacy. The Tigers football team of Holtville ranked high among the state’s successful football programs, and his life touched numerous teammates, their families and many more people.

This means that Franklin was truly a great hero that cannot really be replaced by anyone else.

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