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Jimbo Fisher Blasts College Football Playoff for Snubbing Undefeated Florida State Seminoles

Former Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher joins the growing list of critics who have expressed their dissatisfaction over college football’s most controversial decision this season. Unsurprisingly, Fisher let loose on ESPN’S Paul Finebaum, expressing his frustration as to why the undefeated Seminoles were overlooked by the College Football Playoff selection committee.

As per fisher, she is unable to grasp how they apply the criteria. That is pathetic! We went unbeaten, won our league, defeated a ranked opponent on the road and still at home? A joke. The entire system is broken and must be repaired.

In relation to fisher, the author emphasizes that he was especially furious with the “strength of schedule” and the eye test”.

“What even is a strength of schedule?” That was the question posed by the coach. We just played what we were told to play that we beat them all, so what is an eye test? Oh, I don’t think 12 win and a conference champion are enough for passing the test nowadays.

Fisher’s opinions are similar to those held by many Florida State supporters and graduates who believe that their team was not fairly treated because it played football in a weak conference. Although the Seminoles faced a weak non-conference schedule, they did well and won all three of their out-of-conference games, including an impressive victory over a ranked opponent away from home.

According to the college football playoff selection committee, it was Florida state’s weak schedule schedule and lack of signature wins against quality opponents which cost them a spot in the playoffs. However, Fisher remains unconvinced.

“They can do anything with it,” according to Fisher. “However, you’ve got to accept that we didn’t miss one of our games. We qualified for the play-offs and they stole them off of us.”footnote: “Therefore in my own eyes I have to acknowledge we didn’t lose even one game we played. I

We are still waiting to learn if the college football playoff selection committee would alter its system in light of this most recent situation. However, one thing is for sure: While Jimbo Fisher will certainly not hold his tongue, should he feel that the system is unjust towards his alma or any other team.

In addition to Fisher's comments, here are some other key takeaways from this story:

  • Season long controversial decision making by the college football playoff selection committee.

  • The snub of Florida State is most notable for its Seminoles’ team with an undefeated record at the conclusion of their season and a conference championship.

  • Jibo Fisher is a known voice in the college football and he speaks with authority.

  • Whether the CFP selection committee will change its system in the coming time still remains to be seen.

We shall inform you immediately of any information we receive on this growing story.

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