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Scituate High senior Jackson Belsan made the most of his dream to play football


However, he had always dreamt about playing football. He persistently requested his parent — John and Marcella to permit him to be playing every year.

His parents, however, gave in when he was a junior high school student and let him try out with the football team. A trip to the Division 4 state championship at Gillette Stadium crowned a career that led to this point on Friday.

Belsan also noted that “it was just a dream of mine my whole life” and he wanted to become “a quarterback in football”.

Belsan ended up his football career with another brilliant play though his Sailors lost to Duxbury, 62-33, on February 5th.He had 14 completions out of 26 attempts, giving him 328 yards and 3 TDs before an intercepted pass in the final quarter. However, it is more than the number that the latest quarterback of New England Patriots didn’t achieve in Gillette field since September 2018.

His football career began with him playing as a receiver and defensive back at Belsan. One of his coaches who watched him play on the junior varsity team while still a freshman noticed that he can throw. Since then, he has been shifted to the quarterback position, where he has started the last two seasons behind center for the Sailors who have won 14 games over this period along with four successful post-seasons.

“It’s just a brotherhood in this place”, as Belsan put it.

Although he has started kicking football, Belsan has not entirely stopped doing hockey. Still with one more season to go as captain of Scituate’s boys ice hockey team. During that past winter season, Belsan led the Sailors into Division III. Loss in a 3 state final at TD Garden to Nashoba Regional, 2-1, due to an overtime.

“Both great experiences” when commenting about playing in the two largest Massachusest stadiums. I’m only glad we came here.

Belsan also played for Scituate’s 2021 state-champion football team. In that game, he acted as a second keeper for Henry Gates, as well as a statistician standing along the side-line.

Wayland was defeated in the first round of the playoff by Bel’san’s best game of its team in the whole season. This was while he had gone 11 out of 16 pass attempts for 269 yards, with five touchdowns thrown. In his senior year, Belsan completed for 2,752 yards and 30 touchdowns.

The Sailors attempted to fight their way back from a 37-point deficit by throwing the ball around for 192 yards in the second half, thanks to Belsan.

“My guys kept on fighting; our kids did not stop,” stated Herb Devine, the coach of Scituate." They didn’t back down. They didn’t quit."

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