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Why 2007 West Virginia was CFB’s greatest video game team ever. Plus: A 6-foot-11 football player

With the highly anticipated comeback of EA Sports’ College Football series on the horizon (next Friday), ex review of one of the series’ favorite teams was taken by The Athletic Chris Kamrani.

Here it was in NCAA Football 2008, QB Pat White and RBs Steve Slaton, and Noel Devine – all of them, at the time of the game, represented by their numbers with the fake profiles; nonetheless, they were a part of the 2007 West Virginia whose team, according to many, was perhaps one of the most entertaining teams ever created in the sports video games.

”I will get introduced to people who will say, ‘You’re Pat White from the video game!” the former star quarterback of the West Virginia University said.

Chris was in today and I thought it might be useful to get some responses from him directly to some of the points made in the story I told last week.

The last single question one could ask about the West Virginia team was: What was the solitary factor that made them a cheat-code team?

Can “zoooooom” be a word? Because that’s what it was all about with the Mountaineers: Standard is another feature that may help to identify this object, therefore the current interest is acceleration and|The presence means that the speed is another feature that can be useful to identify this object, thus, at the present time, the main focus is on acceleration and Rich Rodriguez’s eleven-twos have the most effective ground game in college football, and their knowledge was way ahead of its time in terms of uses of multiple run as well as option plans using players who were endowed with high speeds. The turbo button was the compact that you always turned to for help. There was nothing more to it than having the first fellow miss and the second. And third.

In what way did the victory in the game influence the culture in West Virginia’s real locker room?

Just like the fans, the players had equally as much enthusiasm to play. Sadly, it would frequently be issued only a few weeks prior to the start of the offense’s fall camp, and that certainly wouldn’t give them a lot of time. Don’t get it twisted: They played and frequently did so. The most interesting part people were looking forward to was to see which players were designated as stars of the team as being the top players on offense and defense.

During the story, you said that the entertainment level reached in WVU was so entertaining that it advanced the program in real life recruitment. Is it possible to observe this trend to continue for other teams?

It could be fairly positive, notably about the chosen program. These days, if there is something before deemed esoteric, it can be used in a recruitment speech to a player and his entourage. That WVU era proved a lot: That it is permissible to do things differently, use different kinds of players, but if the fans are to watch their favorite teams play a sensuously seductive style of offence, they will be glued to their television sets watching.

More CFB 25: Selecting point and option offenses, and bar moving rebuilds will be some of the most enjoyable in the 2024 teams to try.

Realignment Results: Profiteers and vanquished in this round

Although realignment is meant to be all about the money, for the fans it’s all about winning. Realignment had its official start this year and it took only one week to bring some upsetting changes, so now it is clear that which teams are really benefiting college football?

In his site, The Athletic, Stewart Mandel offered scores to all 67 powers, evaluating each team’s proficiency to succeed more or less than they managed in the earlier paradigm (positive-5 = better chances of success than before, minus-5 = worse). I chose a specific team from each conference that posted a negative SRS number and had to argue why that particular team could/allied beat the spread. Let’s go:

ACC: Nothing was the shared characteristic of many of the teams Stewart had ranked as worse off in the new ACC. Yet following the odds, if the choice is to be made then I suppose I would back Pitt, who is currently on minus-2. The Panthers were crowned kings of the conference in 2021, they should, therefore, be able to trade blows with some of the new entrants into the conference (yes, I am looking at Stanford and bear Cal).

Big Ten: Except for money, many Big Ten teams are worse off in the new world than the teams of any other power conference – or at least more teams – partly because of the additional games against the typically stronger East division for former West division teams. Washington State received a minus-2 from Stewart and while I believe Indiana, USC and Illinois are vulnerable, I expect Washington to produce the same standings in Pac-12.

Big 12: Stewart better understand for her Utah a minus one because the Utes had a great thing going in the Pac 12 and now are forced to awkwardly adapt to a new conference. But the Utes are more consistent that any team and that has put them in vantage place in Big 12. I believe that the mentioned teams are the main contenders year after year.

SEC: Knowing this one was going to create controversy, I will argue Oklahoma moving to the SEC does not diminish the Sooners’ chances enough to warrant a minus-3. According to Stewart, for 83 years from the beginning of the seasons in 1938 to the year 2021, OU managed to win 47 of the Big 8/Big 12 titles. An expanded CFP won’t allow them to repeat the same level of success in the SEC, but does the same alter the indicator for a successful season? One can safely assume that the Sooners will get the help that they need to make it to the Playoff courtesy of a mammoth big-bad SEC resume.

Too Tall: The story of how a would-be star for the Stanford University men’s basketball team came to be at UGA

Jah Jackson is one of those high school football players who limited his football activities and has not played competitively since the middle school level; however, after signing with Georgia to play tackle, the 20-year-old freshman could become a useful member of the Bulldogs.

Jackson claims to be 6-11 (!) tied for tallest college football player with another player in the country (Jacksonville State O-lineman Tom Hadary). He tips the scales at 325 pounds. Just a few months ago, Jackson was preparing for the start of his professional basketball career; that is, he participated in the NBA Draft last month and got offers to play professional basketball in Greece, Spain, and in the G League. However, the support he received from his family made him have a thinking discipline that he ended back to football to commit on Kirby Smart and Bulldogs.

More on Jackson’s unlikely journey to Georgia can be found on Seth Emerson’s full story. Today, it is worth your while.

Kenny Smith expands on the analysis of the SEC and the most significant transfer news from every team. Catch up on what is happening here. Also, do check out the Until Saturday podcast for X-factors of each team.

On the weekend, Ohio State signed the 11th player in the class of 2025 MLB score Riley Pettijohn — bypassing the university football teams of USC, Texas and Texas A&M.

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