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DeSean Jackson Retires After 15-Year NFL Career

One of the greatest electric wide receiver, in NFL history, DeSean Jackson, has retired from the league, after fifteen year’s worth of greatness. “Fast” Jackson who plays in an aggressive way has set forth a wonderful example as someone very dynamic and lively on the field.

A Career Filled with Highlights

The NFL career of Jackson started in 2008, where he was selected for by the Philadelphia Eagles during their first round selection. In no time, he became unbeatable and his presence on the pitch was recognized. The fact that he accumulated 1,004 receptions at 14,614 yards and 62 touchdowns throughout his career only proves how good of a receiver he truly was, and that ranks him well up in the ranks of all time NFL wide receiver greats

He had a challenging career but he conquered that through persistence and hard work. Injuries and disappointments were a regular feature in his career. Nevertheless, he could never fail to recover and re-establish himself each time. The attitude of this player indicates that he was one among those men who are brave and committed.

A Beloved Figure in Philadelphia

It is apparent that Jackson’s most remarkable period in his professional career was during his stint with the Eagles (2008-2016) while in Philadelphia. While at Eagles, Jackson earned the nickname “Desean Jackson” becoming a crowd favourite due to his electrifying play and charming personality. He was integral to the Eagle’s Super Bowl LII triumph, with an important touchdown kick.

A Lasting Impact

Jackson’s influence in the play of football goes further than his field performance. He was among the pioneers of the latest generation Wide receivers highlighting speed and agility as necessary qualities for NFL. His impact to the game cannot be denied, and many will still talk about him even after he passes away.

Retirement and Honorary Captaincy

The NFL bids farewell to Jackson who can start a new career. He intends to continue participating in it either as a coach or as an advisor. However, in the interim, he will be inducted into the Philladelphia Eagles’ 75th anniversary team, where he will also act as the game day captain to represent the team to the Philladelphia Eagles’ week 13 match up against the San Francisco 49

A True Icon

With his retirement, DeSean Jackson has come to an end, nevertheless, his legacy remains. He is a classic icon in the game, one who brought suspense and vigor into each contest where he competed. Fans throughout the league may miss his exciting play and a charismatic personality, but his mark in the game of football will last for decades.

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