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Detroit Lions NFL Week 12 live blog against Green Bay Packers

Q1: Lions 0, Packers 0

In the first quarter, the Lions and Packers have not scored any points yet. For much of the quarter, the Packers have been holding the ball, without scoring however, as the Lions’ defense has succeeded in keeping them out of the end zone.

In the end, drives packers score a field goal

After making their way down to Lions’ 25-yard line, the Packers had to settle with a 41-yard field goal by Mason Crosby which made it 3-0.

The lions’ offense is slow to start up.

With the exception of a field-goal in the first quarter, the Lions’ offense managed nothing. So far, they have only managed a single first down and have booted away four punts.

End of Q1: Packers 3, Lions 0

The Packers 3 – 0 over the Lions at the end of the first quarter. Throughout the quarter, Packers had possession on it, taking control of the pace of the match. The Lions’ offence has not kicked and it should be looking for a kick in Q2 for them to catch up.

Q2: Lions 0, Packers 6

Packers make it 6 – 0 and it is first quarter only! M. Crosby makes it 34 yard field goal. So far, the Packers’ offense is more effective and runs with ease compared to that of the Lions.

However, lions’ defense continues making the plays.

Indeed, the Lion’s defense continues to be a playmaker even in the first half of the second segment. On the two third down conversions, they stopped Packers while limiting them to only three points for the entire quarter.

Lions' offense finally gets going

Finally, the Lions’ offense started moving on late in the second quarter. Pushing down to the packers 20-yard line, they had set up a 37-yard field goal from austin seibert to make it 6-3.

Halftime: Packers 6, Lions 3

In the first half, the Packers are ahead of the Lions 6 – 3. Packers have maintained the pace of the game by being more productive than Detroit. However, there are few plays that have been generated by the Lions’ defense; the team cannot compete against Green Bay because their attacking strategy is quite weak.

Q3: Packers 9, Lions 3

At the beginning of the third quarter, Mason Crosby kicks a 27 yard field goal for the lead extends to 9-3 for packers. As it turned out, their offense continued to help them move the ball around easily and had complete control over the pace of the game.

Lions defence keeps it close.

Lions’ defense helps them stay in the game by making several decisive plays in the 3rd quarter. Packers have been punched thrice on the quarter whereby only limited to three points.

Lions’s offense scores their first touchdown.

However, the lions were able to score their first touch down towards the end of the three-quarter period. Williams plunged over for one yard, which made the score tied at 9-9.

End of Q3: Packers 9, Lions 9

After the third quarter, it is now tied between the Lions and Packers at 9-9. Most of the game, the tempo has been controlled by the Packers, but the Lions have come up with several big plays that prevented their elimination. The last quarter of the season will also be interesting since both sides are eyeing on a post-season berth.

Q4: Packers 12, Lions 9

Mason Crosby kicks a 24-yarder, and the Packers take the lead for good early in the fourth period. The offense for the Packers has continued to make the game move smoothly while maintaining a command in tempo of this match.

Lions' defense can't stop Packers

During the last quarter of play, the Packers have been unstoppable by the Lions’ defence. The Packers have scored two touchdowns in the quarter, and this seems like their chance to own the game.

End of Game: Packers 23, Lions 9

It was Packers 23; Lions 9. At every stage of the event, Packers had an upper hand in scoring the goals. The Lions’ offence was slow to start and they did not manage to match the pace of the Packers.

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