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Pete Carroll briefly addresses future as Seahawks head coach

2017 was the fourth time in seven years that Seattle Seahawks missed out on playoffs under Pete Carroll’s reign, and only twice before at this schedule. While there is no huge clue that the Seahawks would fire off their most productive coach in franchise history,the scoop by Ian Rapoport shared news of Carcon’s contract being guaranteed only through 2024 season although with an option for The organization to exercise it and continue into .

Once the team beat the Arizona Cardinals 21-20, Carroll spoke for a moment about whether he’s going to keep coaching them next season or not. Note of this “at this point” part in the answer.

Rapoport’s writing stated that ownership of Seattle will be “reevaluating and improving the contingency plans in case longstanding coach Pete Carroll at 72 years old decides to resign.

Carroll will likely have his Monday morning radio show on Seattle Sports 710 to possibly expand upon this further, but maybe for the very first time since arriving in 2010 there is no way whatsoever that Pete remains as head coach of the Seahawks moving into next year.

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